What to expect after you register

I believe in Party building.  When I go door to door, I will knock doors where people aren’t registered to find out why not.  On Bleecker Street alone, I will be handing out 17 registration forms in a couple of days.

When I was at the World Refugee Celebration, there were folks registering new citizens to vote.  They were handing out this document, which I read later on at home after shoving it in my wallet, and found it to be pretty cool.  One of the reasons it is important to read the stuff you fold up and put in your wallet later on.

What to expect

I think so much of this that I am going to edit it a tad and then translate it into multiple languages for door to door purposes.

Bonus – If you pick a Primary when you register, you also get to vote on September 12th.  If you pick the Democratic Party and register in the 22nd District, you get to vote for me.  Isn’t that cool??