How you can contribute

We accept 3 forms of compensation with another on the way:


  1. Cash or money order. If you are local, we will happily go collect the cash and make sure you get a detailed receipt.  We understand for some small business people, especially when dealing with the funding of art projects, this is the preferred method.  You can also send money orders to me or the DUIC at PO Box 365, Clark Mills, NY 13321.
  2. We get it, you’re in small business.  Checks are normal and give you an instant receipt.  We trust you.  We can pick those up too or you can mail them.
  3. Credit/Debit cards via Paypal. We have been with them a long time and they are secure.  You can you can pay us with the card of your choice or create an account with them.  We understand it might be 2 extra clicks but they are safe.
  4. The one one the way – BITCOIN. We are getting ready to accept BITCOIN but not enough folks in Oneida County use it yet.  Once that changes, we will enable our sites so you can pay us that way.