A Fire Would be Horrible

11 May 2019


Dave Farina

Utica Codes Department

1 Kennedy Plaza

Utica, NY  13502


Dear Enforcement Administrator Farina:


The other day I was at the Oneida County Board of Elections.  I asked if anyone was registered at 10 Liberty Street. They indicated 2 people were registered at that address.


This is a problem for a number of reasons.  Because it is so serious, I have sent the following FOIL to check out the information https://bobbyo.blog/2019/05/10/the-10-liberty-street-mystery/


The property is zoned Highway Commercial.  Therefore, it is not not zoned for residency and does not have a Certificate of Occupancy.  


While it is true that the bottom floor has electricity and the second floor has a full living space including full kitchen and bedroom, we have no idea if power is available to those floors.  We must surmise, since it would be a felony level crime otherwise, that owner Brett Truett does not know these people exist. It would be a shame for the city to allow two people to squat in a house and possible cause a fire.


Thanks to your work, the Utica Codes Department, unlike some others in the area, has an excellent reputation.  Please see the following for clarity: https://bobbyo.blog/2019/05/08/the-pleasant-street-crack-reunion/


Therefore, I am asking you to go check out the property.  That way, we can determine whether voter fraud is going on.  Secondly, we can possibly prevent property damage.




Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza

Utica, NY 13502