You’re Too Nice For A List

30 August 2018

Purchaser Erica Fardette

Simple Tech Innovations

687 Lee Rd Suite 102

Rochester, NY 14606


Dear Ms. Fardette:

I hope this message finds you well.  You were chosen to receive it based on where you work, your work profile, and what some of your customers have said.  I wanted to reach out to someone cordial and normal for once.


As I am sure you are aware, your boss Andrew Hollister is running for Lieutenant Governor.  His boss, Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe, has done some of offensive things.  One of those offensive things caused those offended to draw up a “targets” list.  Your firm was on the list then quickly removed.  There are lessons in all of that.


Why did your firm get listed in the first place??  Here in Utica, due to the opioid epidemic combined with a need for enhanced psychiatric and emergency services, we are trying to move our hospital downtown.  The other sites that were considered are too expensive, have remediation issues, or are logistically impossible to work with.  A small group of businesses, all connected to fringe right organizations, are opposed to the idea.  Larry Sharpe has decided to align with them against us.


In politics, if you do not stand your ground on important issues, people take you for granted.  Yes, there are some issues where you can shake hands and say, “That’s all right if we disagree on this one, we can still be friends.”  There are often intense issues where you might let it go for “the sake of the neighborhood.”  Larry Sharpe has no connection to here and sided against us on an important issue.


In response, the “target” list was developed.  Your firm was taken off the list due to your hard work and excellence in your field.  Crushing firms is fun, but crushing small firms when they actually provide quality service is distasteful and not exactly sporting.  Sometimes you don’t go after the firm but instead go after the clients.  By the testimonials listed, your clients sound like every day working people.  Imagine seeing the blue screen of death on your laptop in the morning and then finding out some “operative” is messing with your zoning request to build a shed in your backyard later that same day.  Again, that is not exactly sporting.


So it looks like your firm has escaped on the hospital.  However, there are a number of offensive stances and positions Mr. Sharpe is taking that could get your firm targeted over and over again.  One of the these days, you might run into someone a tad overly intense, maybe via mental illness, or you could run into a group looking to make a name for themselves.  They will not take you off their list and then ruckus will ensue.


Before we talk about the areas where Mr. Sharpe could bring unwanted attention to you, we have to discuss something.  At no point is it my intent to get Mr. Hollister to “quit the race”.  Instead, I am hoping you can bring these things to Mr. Hollister.  Hopefully he in turn will bring them to Mr. Sharpe.  That way, Mr. Sharpe will not make as many enemies.  Because he subscribes to Libertarian philosophy, which is offensive by definition, he is always going to have a few.


Have you heard of Mr. Bannon and Mr. Mercer??  They fund extremist right wing causes that are always racist in nature because they are both Nazis.  They are proud Nazis in that they do not shrink from any white nationalist title.  They were the two people that founded Reclaim NY.  Reclaim tries to brand itself as being against “over spending” but in reality it is just another white nationalist organization.  Remember I mentioned that the businesses against the hospital are aligned with alt right organizations??  Some of them have Reclaim signs on their buildings.


Picture Mr. Sharpe sitting next to some hood wearing KKK members while they all joke and engage in “planning”.  Mr. Sharpe meeting with Reclaim is the 2018 version of that.  However, this is not a one off.  Mr. Sharpe cannot properly identify our President as a racist.  When an African American candidate for Governor in Florida had a “monkey” reference thrown at him yesterday, Mr. Sharpe was silent.  Mr. Sharpe regularly derives support from those who post Pepe the Frog memes, spread QANON conspiracy theories, and deny the existence of white privilege.  Many in the African American community refer to Mr. Sharpe as “Uncle Larry”.  That did not happen by accident.


It is not just race where Mr. Sharpe makes people uncomfortable.  He is a gun fetishist.  We just had another mass shooting the other day.  What did Mr. Sharpe say??  Nothing.  When a crazed Trump supporter shot people at a newspaper, what did Mr. Sharpe say??  Nothing.  When the unhinged Secretary of Education suggested taking money originally intended for books be spent on guns instead, what did Mr. Sharpe say??  Nothing.  These positions, since we both know there will be multiple mass shootings before the election, are going to derive intense opposition.  That opposition could get you targeted.  Having a conversation with Mr. Hollister about the issue is probably in your best interests.


Mr. Sharpe also has a horrible record on women’s rights.  Imagine if one of your friends were to be sexually assaulted.  Mr. Sharpe does not think money should be available for STD screenings, even though STD’s are currently setting a world record pace, or that an abortion should be available.  He does not believe in equal pay for women.  By the way, is Mr. Hollister offering you equal pay now??


When you ask the Sharpe Campaign about Mr. Sharpe’s stance on women’s issues, they give you a strange “we’re on all sides of the issue” answer.  You and I both know that in an election season strange things happen.  Some story in the next 3 months is bound to arise regarding women’s rights.  Mr. Sharpe will offer some amateur hour clumsy answer.  A large number of women, and men like me, are bound to be offended.  Your firm makes somebody’s target list yet again.


You do a good job.  Your customers like you.  I bet you’re a company favorite.  You could do your future a world of good of you went and talked to Mr. Hollister about the liability Mr. Sharpe endears to your firm on a daily basis without care.  I am sorry to drop all this on you on a beautiful August afternoon however, somebody messed with my hospital.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




Robert T. Oliveira

Clark Mills, NY  13321



The All-Star Game Could Provide Much Needed Tax Revenue

5 December 2017

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr.

Oneida County Office Building

800 Park Avenue

Utica, NY  13501


Mayor Robert M. Palmieri

Office of the Utica Mayor

1 Kennedy Plaza

Utica, NY 13502


Dear Mr. County Executive and Mr. Mayor:

The AHL All-Star game is less than 60 days away.  I think it would be prudent to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce All-Star Game attendees to the fine products available in Utica and all of Oneida County.  This would be a stark contrast to what happened a few years ago when the All-Star Game produced zero extra sales tax revenue.  Taxpayers in all of Oneida County work too hard to allow that to happen again.


As you may be aware, during last year’s Art on Utica exhibitions – for more info – we learned some things about tourists who come into this great city.  While there are some hurdles to overcome, with just a little bit of planning, we can create the kind of experience that will get the local tourist over their initial fears.  That in turn will create a spark in sales tax revenue which will provide financial relief to everyone who resides here.


First and foremost, even with ticket prices ranging from $124 – to $143, our emphasis should be on the youth.  We learned during Art on Utica that the youth who visit here do not share their parents’ worries and concerns.  These worries and concerns have been built up over time.  In reality, that version of Utica no longer exists but the worries and concerns continue because it is hard to get rid of a bad thought about a person, place, or thing.  Since the youth do not succumb to bad press, they deserve most of the attention.


Therefore, I would suggest that the Children’s Museum or the zoo or both offer some kind of cross promotion with the All Star Game.  Even at this late date, I can get a pottery expert to entertain the kids on site.  The exuberance of a child is contagious and should never be underestimated.  If the kids are over the top excited, the parents might spend a little bit more in the attempt to create a memory.


It should be noted that efforts to enhance our financial prospects come in the form of what we can do now and what we can do on the night of the event.  Extra police personnel and Sheriff’s Deputies should be everywhere.  We have noticed time and time again that those who visit to Utica arrive at their destination, make no attempt to wander around and explore, then leave once the performance is over again without stopping for a drink or making an extra social media memory.


Until we can convince our guests that Utica is a safe place to get lost in, every single event should come with an extra police presence.  Wandering and exploring can be reinforced as a habit.  We learned this lesson in Newport many times when we decided to open up former “townie”, and therefore by definition “not as attractive”, sections of the community to new tourism.  There was always hesitancy at first but once guests learned that they were safe, they would replicate behaviors they had exhibited everywhere else.


Last but certainly not least, another unexplored area of cross promotion has to do with our downtown.  Since the event is being “produced” by the Turning Stone and since most of the guests will be staying there, when the guest arrives downtown and does not see a Turning Stone presence, they get the feeling that they are “off campus.”  It is not the same exact feeling as when you leave the resort property in Jamaica or Aruba to go downtown but it is an uncomfortable feeling just the same.


At some point we have to make the decision that the Turning Stone is a functioning part of Oneida County and not just “that place where, ya’ know, the Indians own stuff and don’t pay taxes.”  Until this change happens, we will forever be lagging in our efforts to maximize possible tourism revenues.  Again, many communities, including the great city of Newport, have struggled with the acceptance of gaming facilities.  I can rely on experience to tell you that once the change occurs, nobody wants to go back and live through it again the olde fashioned way.  Change is hard but leaving thousands, in this case tens of thousands of dollars on the table, is even harder.


It cannot be said enough that the All-Star game gives Utica and Oneida County a chance to introduce themselves to tourists with discretionary incomes.  For many of these tourists, they live just down the road to begin with.  They do not visit that often due to already held prejudices regarding our safety or because we have not done the best job telling them what is available here.


Art on Utica stands ready to learn as much as we can about our visitors at all times.  We will always transmit this information to appropriate office holders and community leaders.  It becomes their job to see the information through the lens it was collected: a pure attempt to understand why we continue to under-perform as a tourist community compared to other locales who do not offer the entertainment experiences, food, and art that we do.  Our performers, our chefs, and our artists deserve nothing less.


I am lucky in that I already got to write a successful story in the 3rd most expensive American resort city.  I desire nothing more than to look back at my efforts in Utica and hope that they introduced a gem I found by accident to others who were not even looking.  In order to bring about that change, there is hard work to be done.  While the work will indeed be hard, the payoff for ourselves and our children will be immeasurable.  Instead of being part of the same old same old, do you not also desire to be on the ground floor of something magical??  If so, please join me in making the changes we all must engage in so magic can become a reality.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




Robert T. Oliveira

Art on Utica


An Encounter With A Local Business Owner Foretells Of Good Things For Utica

There are those moments in life that reinforce the idea that everything is going to be all right.  I had one of them yesterday.


If you read me often, you know that I always tell the following story in connection with these events.  Back in 1990, I was Joan Menard’s speechwriter.  It was supposed to be a tough year for Democrats.  Part of my daily task list was to go to the Post Office Box, collect the checks, make the deposits, and record the info on the campaign finance form.


Predictions of doom and gloom were everywhere.  We had a loud although unorganized opponent who could be dangerous if the mood didn’t change.  That was until the one morning when I went to collect the checks.  Suddenly, I had the Cancer Research PAC check in one hand and the Tobacco Industry PAC check in the other hand.  I knew we were going to be fine.  What happened yesterday gave me a similar feeling.


I have not put recyclable bottles out in front of my house since February.  The paper and other plastics go out in the recyclable bin but redeemable bottles do not.  Why??  Two skirmishes took place at 4 am during consecutive weeks between bottle collecting “professionals”.  Enough was enough.


After that, a new ritual began.  I would wait until I got a case of writer’s block.  Then I would gather the bottles together from the previous weekend or whenever and walk them up to Hannaford’s to buy a bottle of Dr. Perky.  Like most of the Dr. Topper, Dr. Wonder, Dr. Whatever spinoffs out there Dr. Perky is the Hannaford’s knock off of Dr. Pepper.  It is actually better than the real stuff.  Even I cannot drink Vanilla Coke all the time.


The other cool part of Dr. Perky is that is just chemically bad enough for you that it cures writer’s block.  There’s some to be a connection there.  Those Hostess Bavarian Crème pastries also have the same effect due to their chemical evilness.  Who know that back when I thought my writing was based on the hunting down of intensely powerful hallucinogenics like Ayahuasca, all I had to do was stockpile RC Cola and those Debbie’s Brownies with the walnuts in my pantry.


So I bagged up the bottles and headed out.  Turning in battles at Hannaford’s is always an adventure because you never know which “regular” you might run into.  My favorite is “Little Blue Riding Hood”.  This roughly 90 year old Bosnian woman in her blue kerchief who really doesn’t speak but mouths a lot of words, smiles and giggles a lot, claps her hands often, and when really happy points to the sky, is an absolute bottle collecting gangster.  Get behind her and you might there for a while.


So as I am making my way up Mohawk Street, this Asian gentleman in an SUV notices me.  Lowers his window and says, “You turning those in??  Wanna see a high speed machine??  You don’t want to feed those one at a time.  Here, let me show you . . .”  He in then invites me to enter the vehicle bottles and all.


Before anybody judges, remember I am a sucker for an adventure.  Every cool story in my life started where I said yes where someone else might have said no.


I also have my own way of living and past to take into account.  I regularly enter crackhouses, go searching for addicts and the mentally ill under overpasses or in abandoned buildings, and converse with the possibly dangerously psychotic all the time.  You cannot bring a schizophrenic to recovery until you are ready and willing to identify with their demons in their world.  My own diseases let me walk with other demons in different cloaks daily.


In the past, I regularly bought huge amounts of drugs in the presence of firearms.  Funny thing about large quantity drug sellers – they have lots of enemies.  Getting caught in some sort of crossfire happens more than you might expect.  Not that I’m proud of it, but I’ve driven drunk over 5000 times, including 3 car rollovers and I survived all of those.  Cheated on my first wife before we got married and woke up with a knife pointed at different parts of my anatomy before I could talk my way out of it.  Oh yeah, there was also that time I got arrested in Tijuana and spent some time in a jail there.  In short, if my Higher Power wants to take me out at some point, I figure “Serial Killer posing as a Business Owner from another country who wants to garner a new customer” is not the way it’s going down.


So I got in the car.  We drove to Bleecker Street.  The whole way there, my new friend told me who cool his machines were.  Speed was an important feature.  We pulled into the driveway of the redemption center on Bleecker Street.  The business, like most successful small businesses, is family owned and family run.


We went in and he cut me in front of the line.  29 bottles and cans, Vanilla coke again, at 10 seconds each would have taken almost 5 minutes.  His superfast machine did the entire job in 30 seconds.


Then he had a wrinkle.  He inviting me to spin this bicycle wheel he has hanging by the register.  Turns out you can get up to 8 cents for each can instead of just 5.  I didn’t but it is a neat wait to close out “the sale.”


Of course because I want there, I had to go to Price Rite for my soda.  Love the store for many things but we have to talk to corporate about the soda choices.  They are Pepsi only.  Figuring the whole experience was a “spiritual shove”, I went with the Grape Crush.


I’m not saying I will always go to Bleecker Street now.  I would be more likely if there were another “Coca-Cola vendor” in the neighborhood.  That’s a hint.  Yes, Price Rite is part of my 5 store stop for groceries with an option.  Every two weeks, due to product placements and prices, you can regularly find me in Hannaford’s, Price Rite, Dollar General, Price Chopper – you can literally steal fish, and Wal-Mart which has the lowest price on Vanilla Coke.  I also add in an Asian market or a Halal meat shop.  How many other locales outside of Utica offer that much choice??  Not many.  Ha I say.


The moment I walked in the redemption store, I knew life after the downtown hospital was going to be ok.  Why??  Here’s this guy who wants a new customer, and positive word of mouth, so much that he presents this way.  Who could ask for anything more??


The enthusiasm and passion of his efforts are going to lead others to do the same just via his example.  I am willing to bet if some of us learned how to speak more languages, we would be more aware of these efforts going on.  It is the want of immigrants to succeed in America, one of the reasons I hate that both local “talk” stations are nothing more than hate radio 21 hours a day, which becomes the foundation of American way of life.  Fear not Utica – we have everything we need to succeed right in front of us.  Sometimes it speaks a different language or has a different back story than we do but it is still right in front of us.

Running, Mental Illness, and the Downtown Hospital

I ran twice yesterday.  That’s not a brag, just what happened.  I am filled with gratitude every morning when I wake up because I know the other possibility is right around the corner for someone like me.  If I somehow forget that, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington songs are always there to remind me.


I brought it up because it leads us to a discussion of mental illness, health, the downtown hospital, and tourism.  The NoHospital crowd, especially Rep. Tenney confidante Mark Wolber, don’t think they go together and quite frankly do not want me to talk about it.


My first run is the generic 5 miler to start the day.  I have this desire not to look 50.  Unfortunately, when I first got diagnosed as Bi-Polar 1, I got put on anti-psychotics which caused me to gain roughly 50 pounds.  For almost 5 years, since my meds changed to PRN, I have been trying to get that weight off.  Most people who stop taking their psych meds do so because of the nasty side effects or because the miss the highs that do not happen any longer.


As I get closer to the shape I used to be in, that brings up a point about tourism.  Tourists like to visit places where people are leading in healthy ways.  We already have all the little Bodegas and Halal shops to complement our other grocery choices leading to healthier diets.


Now, by hiking and running and canoeing and working out and skating and snowshoeing and skiing and hunting, yes I said hunting, we can show off how healthy we want to be to the rest of the planet.  The Downtown Hospital location follows into this line of thinking.  Our current hospitals lead in unnecessary infections and deaths and the inability to use modern techniques.  We put great people in old building and ask them to perform like they are using state of the art equipment when in truth the buildings fail them.


Tourists love all that making the hospital easier to afford and causing a reduction on local tax levies due to higher sales tax income.  To hear people argue that the downtown can sustain the same level of sales tax revenue as we wait for the magic investors to show up, how many new businesses located down there in the 3 years before the hospital announced?, as the bright shiny new hospital will bring in is laughable.


My second run of the day was about my mental health.  I had done a good deal of writing yesterday, including the new video script, and my head was clogged.  Between the creativity abilities, the high IQ, the Bi-Polar disease, the mania that comes with it, and the semi-eidetic memory, it’s noisy in here all the time.


The best way to relieve it is to run.  Running is about my mental health as much as my physical health if not more.  Sometimes when the Bi-Polar disease is really strong, it is a way to let the mania flow out before I do anything stupid.  By the end of yesterday, I could not sort through all the stuff.


I got in another 4 miles.  Big difference between Utica in Newport.  In Utica, people cheer you on and suggest you run the Boilermaker.  In Newport, people ask you what your time looks like so they can go home later and beat it.


Just because I get the question all the time, the Boilermaker is a race.  I do not run in it because my sick twisted mind would treat it like a race.  Before you knew it, I would be back in the timeshare business looking for extra cash so I could fly to Kenya and train.


While the rest of me is a work and progress, my legs and lungs are still at “game level” shape.  I am also grateful since I know most people who have turned 50 don’t get to choose to run 9 miles in a day.  I am sure there are millions of us but we are in the minority.


The Downtown Location, since the St. Luke’s location does not exist, will make it easier for those of us who suffer mental illness or from addiction, to get the access to the beginning of treatment.  That by itself is an improvement over what we have now.


I have a 5 miler scheduled for Wednesday morning.  I doubt there will be a run Wednesday night due to a scheduling conflict.  However, when I am on that run little parts of me improve.  If we build the hospital in the downtown, large parts of all of us will improve.  Do you really want to do what the Trump and Tenney supporters suggest leading us to being trapped in a stagnated past everyone would rather forget??  You can show that they’re wrong by getting in a little exercise today.

Proposing a Grand Bargain

11 August 2017

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr.

Oneida County Office Building

800 Park Avenue

Utica, NY  13501


Mayor Robert M. Palmieri

Office of the Utica Mayor

1 Kennedy Plaza

Utica, NY 13502


Dear Mr. County Executive and Mr. Mayor:

As a candidate for the County Board of Legislators in the 22nd District, I have been listening to both of you talk about the Downtown Hospital Location and the Parking Garage for some time now.  I can tell you when I go door to door the message from my potential constituents is clear.  They went to see both happen.  So do I.  Therefore, I thought it important to point out how many areas of agreement you share.  It is also important to discuss how close you are on the other issues that if solved, would lead to a successful conclusion.


It is in this moment that I wish both of you could see Oneida County through my eyes and the eyes of those who visit here for the first time.  I play tour guide for many first time visitors and they always comment positively on the inherent beauty of where we live.  They marvel at the food and are amazed by the art that is produced here.  When we think about the Utica and the Oneida County of the future, we should focus on these things instead of some of the negative elements of the past or current stumbling blocks we have not solved yet.


I must tell you before I propose this grand bargain based on the positions the two of you already hold that I hope my words are meaningless.  It is my hope that last night or this morning or while I am writing this that the two of you have already come to a conclusion on how to move forward.  However, if that is not the case, then I think this letter can serve as an instrument to renew your discussion.


There are certain elephants in the room that I will discuss openly because so often in political discourse, especially where both of you practice the passive aggressive Compare Politics Model that may be uncomfortable for some people to read.  I apologize for that in advance.


Mr. County Executive, when the Mayor speaks to cost issues and affordability, he is not kidding.  The math says that Utica cannot sustain payments on the garage, the Paving Plan, more on this in a moment, and the Capital Plan, not to mention contract raises soon to be on the radar, without some help.  Mr. Mayor, while cost is an issue, you should applaud the County Executive for the attention he is directing at our great city.  Yes, down the road, we will ask for changes to the sales tax which is too high.  Yes, down the road, we will ask for Villages to stop engaging in the multiple duplication of services.  There are too many Education and Police Departments in our County.  However, before we ask for that, we have to get our own act together.


Therefore, the first step to a new hospital is actually handling the Opioid Crisis correctly.  In order for Utica to afford its share in the Parking Garage, we must max out revenue.  We cannot do that without maxxing out tourism.  We cannot maximize our tourism revenue until we reduce the sexism in our community, why Mr. Mayor you need to lead on a omen’s issue as well, and acknowledge how the Opioid Crisis has affected us.  Mr. County Executive, when the Mayor does this, you have to help him by shelving the useless 2-1-1- system we rely on in our County to help addicts.  A system of Navigators should be a place.  Recently, I attended a meeting where we discussed those issues.  You can read about that here:


The second place where our Mayor needs help is with the Paving Plan we passed recently.  I have to admit to something uncomfortable here.   I voted against the Paving Plan.  Joe Marino and Chief Russell Brooks are friends so I did not want to say anything.  As blogger/hit man guy, I could get away with that.  Now that I am a candidate, I have to discuss the delicate.  The Plan is so poorly written that it does not account for inflation.  Within 5 years, it too will become unsustainable.  If we want the Parking Garage and the Hospital that follows, we have to jump in and re-write the Paving Plan so it delivers the Services the People have asked for while not hamstringing the Mayor in the process.  The people have been sold a broken toy and we need to take it back to the workshop.


After we finish that task, we have to, together as a community, make the affirmative case for the hospital.  No one has done this yet.  We have to talk about why walls are better devices against infection instead of curtains.  We should be open to using graphic description to describe how many patients have died will changing floors in order to get an operation.  We should make it clear that modern surgery involves robotics.  Due to the state of our current hospitals, modern robotic techniques are not possible in Utica.  Again, going door to door, I can tell you the public hungers for this information.


Imagine the Radisson or some other Conference Center filled with Utican families.  They are listening about the positive changes the new hospital will make and being given a chance to get energized.  At the end, they are asked to do a little something to move the project forward I will talk about in a bit.


As part of those Seminars, the public needs to be made aware of way the St. Luke’s Campus is not only not appropriate for a hospital, but almost impossible.  The No Hospital side has relied on this canard long enough.  We should call it out.  The $1.3 million per bed price tag is too high.  The logistical concerns would become a deadly soup of intransigence.  Most importantly, based on the need for Urban Renewal connected to the financing, the Senate Finance Committee will not approve money for the St. Luke’s site.


That gets us to the Parking Garage.  Based on the events of the last few days, the Common Council should meet again with the County Legislature after proper public notification.  Since that meeting was work product as part of a negotiation, it would have been covered by Executive Session.  Therefore, at the new meeting, the Common Council should immediately enter Executive Session, at which point the public has to leave, and Mr. DiMeo should re-present his information.  That should cover any possible remedy under Article 78.


There was a similar situation in Newport, RI about a decade ago and this solution made everyone happy.  When you get right down to it, outside of the leaking of information by Mr. Galime, the only thing the public was deprived of, since the entire meeting should have been conducted in Executive Session, was the privilege of being asked to leave the room.  Attendees at Harbor Point Local Development Corporation meetings get this opportunity all the time.


In the meantime, I am filing a Public Integrity Bureau complaint against Common Council President Mike Galime.  If the meeting was illegal, as he originally stated, he should not have sat through it.  It is also clear that he leaked information that should have been discussed under Executive Session to the NoHospital Downtown effort.  Other citizens were not given access to the same information.  It is clear that he engaged in act of self-sabotage.  On a personal note, I also find it hilarious that a devotee of Donald Trump and Claudia Tenney like Jim Brock would complain about a lack of transparency.  His efforts against the hospital have reeked of racism since the beginning.


As to the Parking Garage itself, the bonding should be 50/50.  The County should own the garage and lease it to the city for 30 years.  The city will maintain the garage and staff it during that period.  Garage revenue will pay for the city’s portion of the bond.  If there are overages, 20% should go to paving, %20 to the Utica School District, and 60% to the general fund.  At the end of 30 years, the lease ends and maintenance, as well as staffing responsibilities, along with revenues revert back to the County.


Not only will hospital employees be able to park at the garage, but they should get one other benefit.  In 2017, thanks to advances in computer science and smart phones, we can get creative with revenue collection.  Every Hospital employee should have access to a “Loyalty Rewards card”, like my Price Chopper Advantage Card, they can use at local vendors.  Not only will they receive discounts, the County will agree to return all sales tax revenue related to card purchases back to the city.  The Hospital and the U District, while great investments we are thankful for, are going to cause the city to experience much higher public safety costs.  Right now, the city receives few if any public safety services from the County.  This would even that out.


Remember I told you about the people in the Conference room??  For $29.95 they could get one of those cards too.  I have estimated the cost of the card, the cost of the administration of the card, and the cost of recruiting the retailers who will participate.  In that price is a small commission for me since I thought I would give the Seminars.  If I can get people to spend $30,000 on vacation for the rest of their lives, I can get folks who really want to see the hospital here to spend $29.95 in exchange for discounts and knowing their sales tax dollars will revert to the city.  If Elected, I would obviously resign from this position upon taking the Oath.


There is one more group we have to think about as we deliberate over these proposals.  Little kids do not deserve to lose family members because our hospitals were not modern enough.  They also do not deserve to suffer through an infection because we were stalemated.  Should a child experience one of those events, do you really want to be the person who tells the child, “I understand that what you went through was very cruel, but you have to understand that we as adults were arguing about a parking garage . . .  .”


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.




Robert T. Oliveira

763 Mary Street

Utica, NY  13501