The 10 Liberty Street Mystery

10 May 2019


Democratic Commissioner Carolann N. Cardone

Oneida County Board of Elections

321 Main Street #3

Utica, NY  13501

Re: Freedom of Information Law Request for Records


Dear Madam Commissioner:

Under the provisions of the New York Freedom of Information Law, Article 6 of the Public Officers Law, I hereby request a copy of records or portions thereof pertaining to or containing the following:


I am interested in two 10 Liberty Street properties.  I would like to see the names and Party designations, by providing the information from the general roster of voters so you need not make a list, for all persons registered at 10 Liberty Street, Camden, New York.  I would like the same information for all persons registered at 10 Liberty Street, Utica, New York. I would also like a copy of any entire ballot petition that the names involved in the 10 Liberty Street, Utica address appear on.


I understand there is a fee of $.25 per page for duplication of the records requested. (If the fee exceeds $100 , please contact me before duplicating the records.)


As you know, the Freedom of Information Law requires that an agency respond to a request within five business days of receipt of a request.  If you team is currently buried under other tasks, or the Tax Assessor’s team is stretched thin, please let me know and we can work something out to benefit all.


If for any reason any portion of my request is denied, please inform me of the reasons for the denial in writing and provide the name and address of the person or body to whom an appeal should be directed.




Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza, Unit 1205

Utica, NY  13502




A Week of Followups

Today we celebrate Eyvind Kelve.  He wanted to be a Pagan Priest. The king didn’t want him to be.  Therefore, the king killed the 29 year old.


Our current Pope is going through some of the same stuff.  If you wonder how I feel about our Jesuit Pope, just remember that I share a birthday with a Founder of the Jesuits.


Instead of just letting the Pope do his thing, a bunch of “conservatives” want him to abdicate.  I put “conservative” in quotes because much like Cardinal Dolan and Bishop Tobin, nothing about these people is truly conservative.  For the most part, they are gay people with an interest in children who tell others not to be gay. Sadly there are some, like the Senate President in Rhode Island, will stab women in the back to please this class of miscreants.


Our church is built on Pagan traditions.  The Jesuits not only know it, they teach it.  This teaching scares those “conservative” types who only major in hypocrisy.

Monday May 6th: Time to re-file on behalf of one of my favorite AFSCME members.  We have spent weeks negotiating time windows.

Tuesday May 7th: Who is Richard G. Wohnsen??  Why does he own that property with Bruett Truett??  We need to take the first step on this little journey.

Wednesday May 8th: Remember when I got broken into and all my stuff got stolen??  I do. Time to ask the Police Chief over in Kirkland if he’s still holding to his original finding or if he’d like to appear as a reasonable human being.

Thursday May 9th: Are people voting out of a certain building zoned Highway Commercial??  Are other people mad that they’ve been dragged into a mess they didn’t start??

Friday May 10th: If people are illegally living in the building mentioned above, isn’t that a matter for the Utica Codes Department??  I think it is.

Please be aware, as we discovered many times, that this is only a schedule and real events can happen.  However, I’m trying to get back to the old days where more Blogs appeared and not less. This week, expect follow-ups and updates along the way.