The Pleasant Street Crack Reunion

8 May 2019


Chief Daniel English

Town Of Kirkland Police Department

2 New Street

Clark Mills, NY 13321


Dear Chief English:


I hope this message finds you well.  It has been just over 7 months since the break-in that took all my belongings on 29 September 2018.  In an attempt to make myself whole again, from the perspective of obtaining justice since I have replaced everything except for some of the shirts that were stolen, I have started to interview lawyers.  They all begin with the same series of questions surrounding one judgement attributed to you. Before I ask whether or not you plan to stick to that judgement, in fairness, since it was so long ago, perhaps we should review what happened.


I moved into the property across the street from the Post Office in November of 2017.  The rent was never late. In August of 2018, a pipe burst. Dustin Dwyer, owner of the property, did not want to fix the pipe and instead made several threatening phone calls and sent several threatening text messages.  You can review those here


He then served my roommate a 30 day notice.  Following that, he tried to turn the water off.  He did so himself or through one of his workmen who was not licensed.  No permit was issued for this work. That was not uncommon. We could tell because he only managed to turn half of the water off.  Living there reminded me of backing back in the field with the 1st of the 3rd Artillery where I served as the Legal Clerk. For the record, I do not think Mr. Dwyer ever served.


Mr. Dwyer never applied for a permit when he did work on that property.  Against local zoning laws, he engaged in “weekly rentals” on the second floor.  Not only did he house people on the second floor, but he never built a fire escape to reach them.  Pieces of heavy equipment, for instance backhoes, were stored and driven on the property in violation of zoning regulations.  The drivers often did not have appropriate training and/or insurance in violation of state laws. National Grid had engaged in an investigation regarding meter sharing at the property.


I can only guess the community allowed this to happen for one of three reasons.  The first could be just a lack of investigative resources. However, a recent FOIL completed for me indicated that the Town of Kirkland had no problem getting other people to follow the rules.


The second possibility was because Mr. Dwyer had “upstate money”, much like James Brock or Brett Truett, and so he was allowed to violate the law.  The way the Codes Department and Building Superintendent handled this matter, allowing the clock to run out instead of enforcing the Codes Law as would have happened in Utica, indicates this was a possibility.


The problem with that is I did not grow up here.  I knew Dorothy Hamilton, the Campbell’s Soup Heiress, rather well since we “competed” all the time.  Elizabeth Meyer, founder of the International Yacht Restoration School, and I were on opposite sides, in a friendly manner, of many issues.  Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy and I were partners during many Rhode Island Young Democrats initiatives when we were both in school.


If I wanted to, I could go down to West Palm Beach, kowtow to my father, and become an instant millionaire.  This is not much different than Mr. Dwyer waiting around for his father to die. I am sorry, but my integrity matters more to me than that.  If I wanted similar money, I could go back to Newport, RI and be a resort sales manager tomorrow just like I was at the BayClub for 6 years until I sold all the inventory.  My goals here matter more than that. Maybe if your Codes Department and Superintendent had more experience with real money, they would not be so impressed by Mr. Dwyer and as a result, force him to stay within the bounds of the law.


The final possibility is one I hope is definitely not true.  That would mean Mr. Dwyer actually paid somebody. Receiving a bribe and then acting on it does not sound like the actions a Town of Kirkland Official.


So everything continued along into September.  My roommate moved out. My plan was to wait until the night of September 30th, move into a local hotel, and then sue.


On the morning of September 29th, that all went wrong.  I got up early that morning to go to work and there was no power.  A call to National Grid indicated that it was not them. Back on or about 13 September 2018, I had moved the electricity into my name and have the bills to prove it.  I know Mr. Dwyer has made many statements to the contrary, including a few were perjury would attach. Mr. Dwyer tends to do this a lot. If you think this is the only way he can be impeached in writing should you ever decide to put him on the stand, guess again.


What was really creepy is if it was not National Grid, it had to be Mr. Dwyer or someone at Mr. Dwyer’s direction.  The entrance to the meters was locked by Mr. Dwyer. It was known he had messed with meters in the past. I had to shave that morning in the dark.  I nicked my face. The mark sits right under my nose and over my lip to remind myself of that day when I shave now.


I went to work and had a pretty good day other than realizing I was coming home to a house with no power.  When I returned home I was in for another surprise. There was a lock installed from the inside and I could not get back in the house.  Again, this was September 29th. I had indicated everywhere I was not leaving until midnight on the 30th. Once I left, I made it clear the first thing I was going to do was sue both the community and Mr. Dwyer so that the law would be enforced.


I called the police and my roommate.  Your Officer arrived. Please notice that while I am going to describe your Officers actions, and one large inaction, I will never mention their name.


Why??  I appreciate law enforcement too much.  Due to the Sandra Bland video being released, will some friends and I get together this weekend to discuss how to create a scenario where that cop commits suicide??  Yes we will. Are we decently sure that if we employed this scenario he would commit suicide?? Yes we are.


Then why do we never employ this scenario beyond talking about it??  While true that we must get it out of our systems, if we employ it somebody could copycat what we did and use it to hurt good cops.  We cannot allow that.


Is it true that years ago only 3% of police personnel were dirty/racist??  Yes. Is it true that now that number has risen to somewhere around 18% thanks to the Presidency of Donald Trump??  Yes it is. However, the lives of good cops matter too much so we talk about it, get it out of our systems, and put it away.  For the record, as a Chief, you are not a cop. Instead, you are a political figure.


I want local police departments to reach out to me when they need to find a missing person in a crack house.  I want local police to trust me when they come upon a mentally ill person, much like I am, but can’t speak their language while I can.  I want local police backup when I go venturing looking for missing people on my own. Yes, I do have OG status but only in a couple of states.  I prefer cop backup. For all these reasons, the Officer from that day will not be mentioned by name.


My former roommate and the Officer arrived at the same time.  After assessing the situation, the Officer came up with an idea.  The Officer ventured off for a couple of minutes. The Officer came back with a hammer.  The Officer instructed me to break the glass door, undo the lock, and let myself in. My former roommate took a couple of photos and I followed the instructions.


Upon entering I was in near shock as I realized my stuff had been stolen starting with my laptop.  My laptop contained information and programs so I could stay sober, I have over 16 years of sobriety, and manage my Bipolar 1 disease.  Now that laptop was gone along with my clothes, my pictures, my letters, some collected sober pins, my toiletries, and other things I cared about.


Immediately I thought of Mr. Dwyer as did my former roommate.  The lock on the inside of the door was a huge giveaway. Your Officer resisted this thought and said, “It could be somebody else”.  That resistance led to me writing this letter:


The day would go on much as was described in the letter.  I would feel threatened several times. Mr. Dwyer, who committed the crime or had it committed at his behest – unless you believe in the Lockmeister, was in the driveway for hours.  When I finally left, I saw your Officer one more time. He told me that YOU had decided that this was a Civil Matter. I did not know local police departments were allowed to interpret the law to call something “civil”.  When did this happen??


That night, because it was not safe to stay at the apartment, I gathered up what little was left of my things and I left.  My boss graciously allowed me to have the next day off. I told my employers that I was probably going into the “Behavioral Unit” for a few days because I could feel the mania beginning to rage and I knew the cycle was going to be deep.


After spending Sunday at my friends house, I traveled to Utica on Monday.  I went to the Library and waited for the inevitable. When the mania reached a certain stage, I wrote this Letter to the Editor that was published in numerous newspapers around the country


The day I got out, I reported back to work.  I went home and set some goals. I came up with a financial milestone when I would try to get justice since your Department decided to deny me justice on that day.  I passed that milestone last week and started talking to attorneys.


There is one unfortunate thing I have to bring up.  Between social media and straight blog followers, this letter will eventually potentially come in contact with 20,000 people.  Then there will be people who search for Mr. Dwyer or you on the web, I dominate search, and discover this letter. You have to add them in too.


One of those people will know Mr. Dwyer.  They will inform him. He will try to silence me by hiring “contractors”, that’s not a euphemism – I mean literally out of work contractors, to rough me up.  He has done this often to others in the past. Sadly, he never pays the contractors after they finish their work assignments. You will notice he has this problem with regular workers as well.  For instance, every week literally it is a different guy without insurance and proper training driving the backhoe.


For that reason, I have reached out to two groups.  Because I am a member of the “Recovery Community”, it was easy to get introduced to low level members of the local drug dealing community.  Bartering with them so they would watch my back was easier than I thought.


I also called some old friends I used to deal crack with back in Fall River, MA in the late 90’s.  We’re calling it the Pleasant Street Crack Reunion.  Instead of being one afternoon on Pleasant Street, it will be numerous weekends in Kirkland, New York over the summer.  If you see vehicles with Massachusetts and Rhode Island license plates in your community blasting Dope Man by NWA out of the stereo, they are probably friends of mine.  They are here to keep me safe.


I was surprised to find out how many were still left.  Yes, the great majority had died or went to prison, where they died.  Out of the remaining crew, only one is still in the industry on the money end.


People who read this letter on the blog will notice this is a major change.  For the last 6 years since I moved up here, I have observed a Star Trek like Prime Directive.  No matter what I tried to do up here, I did it with resources from here. Those days are over. No more fighting with one hand tied behind my back.


From now on, if I need cash, the call goes to Newport or the Vineyard.  If I need political help, I call Boston or DC. I will reach out to friends in Albany, Bridgeport – the Connecticut version, and Providence.  Without boring you with the story, thank a guy named Larry Joseph.


One last note, if your first thought after reading this attempt to hold your Department accountable after making a huge mistake is to try to threaten me, I would humbly suggest you think otherwise.  Please notice that I am not mad at Kirkland. The people have Kirkland have been great to me and as such, the Clerk has not received a “please give me the first pages to all your grant applications so I can disrupt them FOIL” as many other communities have.  This lawyer in Kentucky called that “terrorism” because I guess I rattled him


If you could kindly send me your answer in writing to the simple question, “Do you still believe that Mr. Dwyer did this and you ignored the law to call it civil” in writing that would be appreciated.  No, you are right, no law says you have to. However, I have many more free market and political tools at my disposal. You did not lose all your stuff.




Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza, Unit 1205

Utica, NY  13502



Recently Released Letter To The Editor

1 October 2018

Editorial Page

Utica Observer-Dispatch

221 Oriskany Plaza

Utica, NY  13501

Dear Editors:

This weekend, I was the victim of a crime.  The “thief” took $700 of my clothes, assorted toiletries, and most importantly, my laptop.  During the events of the weekend, I was almost assaulted multiple time.  Please do not feel sorry for me as I have a great support network and multiple sources of revenue.  That is not why I am writing today.


As some people know, I am Bi-Polar.  When things like this happen to us, the results can be devastating.  For close to 48 hours now, I have been managing moments at a time and staying out of a deep mania run.  However, that will soon come to an end.


I am also an addict and alcoholic.  Because I only have to manage 1 day at a time, I recently celebrated 16 years of continuous sobriety.  Staying away from a drink and the crack pipe is 1000 times easier than avoiding a mania run.  Soon my tools will run out and I will need to go seek help.


In a perfect world, the thought of me going to get help for my mania should be no different than you going in to have spinal fusion surgery or a knee replacement or a tummy tuck.  However, as we know, this is not a perfect world.  We know there is a large group out there that will find this funny and the subject of ridicule.  They are the same crowd that wants to take health care benefits away and if they can’t do that, at least make access to health care harder to get.


None of their efforts will affect me.  I will get the help I need and stay sober.  One of the unfortunate side effects of a mania run is that you literally “forget” that you’re an addict/alcoholic.  Then you use because you think nothing is wrong.  I have seen it happen to many people.


The jokes and the demeaning memes that will result from this will affect others however.  There is a reason most Bi-polar people never get to turn 51.  In fact most of us do not make it past 39 or so because at some point we refuse to seek help and we commit suicide or, if we already have an addiction, relapse and die.  I don’t mind all the jokes tossed in my direction if revealing where I am right now causes you to engage in less stigma.


If everyone engages in less stigma, more of us will seek help.  If more of us seek help, more of us can be employed like I am and pay taxes like I do.  We can even help others stay sober.  All of that begins when you decide to back up the person seeking help instead of ridiculing them for it,.  While we wait for all that, let’s see what the meme generators come up with this time.





Robert T. Oliveira

Clark Mills, NY  13501


We Need To Fix This

30 October 2017

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

New York State Assembly

LOB 538

Albany, NY  12248

Dear Mr. Assemblyman:

While we all wait for the new hospital to come to fruition, there are other health issues in our area that require our attention.  While developments in our community are about to help us fight Oneida County’s addiction problem, there are other parts of the health system which are working against us.


If you end up as our Congressperson, you could have a role in fixing one of those problems and creating positive change for the entire county.  Last time I checked, Congresspeople were supposed to do that.


Before I get into that particular conversation, there are two things I must apologize for in advance.  First, some are going to find this letter to be too graphic and too personal.  After what I just went through, where my life stands now, and where my life may be headed, I just do not give a damn any longer.  The only path to reducing stigma requires talking openly about uncomfortable topics.  Instead of normalizing bigotry and racism, we should be spending our time normalizing mental health achievement.


The second thing I must apologize for is some of the politics contained herein.  However, when someone decides that people like me should just give up and die, my reaction to that shall be direct.  In fact, it not only extends to me but their family members who statistically could be put in a similar situation to mine.


As you may have heard, my Bi-Polar disease morphed back in late September.  In order to regain control, and keep from again getting close to suicide via my disease, I had to go to the hospital.  The stigma of asking for help with a metal health issue is difficult enough to bear.  The stigma related to the Psych Ward, even if it is the safest and healthiest place for you to be, is off the charts.  Unfortunately, when your disease changes and your medications have to change in response, I was taking Invega as a PRN, this is the only way to do it.


First of all, you have to go where the psychiatrists are.  Secondly, since you probably have to adjust your meds, you do not want to be walking the streets via that process.  What you want to do is find a safe p[lace to hide and make sure the new drug combination does not cause you to think weird things or have weird experiences with reality.  Anti-depressants and psychotics both can produce those effects.


Even without the stigma, the Psych Ward is no picnic.  It can be loud and often is.  It can be uncomfortable, and often is.  It can be “messy” in a uniquely human way and often is.  60% of people like me who suffer from mental illness never seek help.  Many who seek help originally never get help when they need it, even I waited 7 days before seeking it, due to the mental photo collage created by stigma plus Psych Ward realities.


Fortunately, I got the help I needed.  After just a couple of chats, the hospital’s psychiatrist suggested Bupropion (Wellbutrin) and Paliperidone (Invega) on a daily basis with breakfast.  However, all that came with a direct and insightful warning.  As he was discussing the new regimen with me, the psychiatrist looked right into my eyes and said, “Bobby, please don’t do what many people like you do.  I can already tell that you love mania.  You take the Invega as a PRN so you can maintain a certain level before it gets out of hand.  If you take the Wellbutrin without the Invega, you might go into a mania you may not come back from.”


Amazing after just a few conversations of over a couple of days he knew me that well.  Mania is often a good time.  Usually when you get finished, especially as a Bi-Polar 1 person, you need a cleanup crew and a lawyer, but still a really good time.  I used to try and maintain, on a scale of 1-100, +20 each day because it presented so many advantages.  At that level, all the other noises in my head, and the voices, sounded like a party.


Like a good little patient, I started the regimen.  A new world was opened to me.  My mind was quiet.  No noise, no voices, no moments when my semi-photographic memory seemed to go off on its own and show me things I really did not want to look at again.  I had mental peace for the first time ever in 50 years on the planet.


Now just because it works the first day does not mean it is going to work every day.  I hung around another 7 days with pretty much the same result.  It looked like I was all set.


In case you are wondering, since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, I went through the same dance each year.  Because I am relatively more healthy, and definitely not in pain, than the average person my age, I never bothered to get insurance as required by the law.  Instead, I would pay out of pocket and use time share expenses, there are nothing but expenses in the timeshare industry, to lessen the penalty.  Thanks to Donald Trump, the one thing I can say he did for me, I did not even have to go through that charade this year.


All of a sudden, I had to pay for meds.  Time to do the self-employment turns into Medicaid route so I can get those meds.  It is not that hard to pull off legally when your mental illness has made it so you have not made any cash in months.  Funny, you can walk around for a long time, help people, creative positive change, and through the whole thing, you have been living off savings and not noticing it.


No, it is not my intention to live off off SSDI, which I recently had to apply for, and Medicaid.  My life is now going to take one of three paths.  In path A, this is just a bump in the road.  I will soon be producing like I used to.  Depression like I went through in September might return another 6 years from now and all of this will just be a footnote.  This scenario has about a 5% chance of happening.


In scenario B, I will be on SSDI for a year or two.  I will adjust to the new meds over time and life will go on.  24 months from now, I will be better and able to create tax revenue like I used to.  I had the conversation with myself where I put greed away before coming back here the second time in 2013.  I would like to take greed out to play again.  This scenario has about a 20% chance of coming true.


In scenario C, depression, and therefore anti-depressants, are forever company now.  I will never hold a job, or be able to work for myself, without losing days each week.  Most employers will not tolerate that and in the self-employment world, the math does not work.  This period will be followed by early onset dementia and then death.  This is the most likely scenario for someone like me.  At least I will die sober should that be my Higher Power’s will.


In case anyone asks, while I am not looking forward to death, I cannot complain about my circumstances.  Lord knows I have traveled and experienced more than most people.  Lord also knows that between addiction, alcoholism, and mania, I have wasted more money than most people make in decades.  My Higher Power has been rather good to me regarding the adventure and hedonism categories.


So there I am facing these scenarios about to get out of the hospital.  On release day, my prescriptions are called in and I check in with my support system.  Everything is all set.  My first stop, ok it was like my 10th stop after some friends and the mall, is the pharmacist.  That is where the fun begins.


At the pharmacist, I am told that Medicaid needs pre-approval for Invega.  Ok, no problem.  Call the hospital, call the doctor, call the nurses’ station.  My job is to make sure the paperwork is done.  Everyone says it is.


By the way, I understand Medicaid not paying for Invega.  Not only is Invega great, it is expensive.  Well, I should get Invega soon, right??  Pre-approval has to be on the way, right??  4 days go by, no Invega.  That also means no Wellbutrin.  Depression could return as mind clutter already had.


There was only one thing to do.  Go back to the hospital and get some answers.  Once they knew I was there, through that lovely Emergency Room again, the Psych Ward sent a representative down.  After pleasantries, we came up with a substitute plan.


Risperidone (Risperdal) is Invega’s grandfather.  It is a harsher drug but it gets the job done.  Part of your body will not work but you do not put on the weight that you gain with Invega.  I experienced back in 2011 when I had a mania run that some doctors almost diagnosed as Schizophrenia.  Risperdal put me back on track rather quickly.


Our plan was I would start all over again.  Asked to be examined, get a prescription for Risperdal, since it is much less expensive, and then take that with the Wellbutrin.  So, we executed our plan.  Although I had to change into the hospital one piece open in the back pajamas, “johnnie” just doesn’t cut it anymore, I skipped the EKG and a number of blood tests.  I had my prescription in under an hour.


Only one hurdle, Medicaid now would not pay for Risperdal.  I ended up asking for a cash price, the generic discount is one whole penny per pill, and buying a couple to get me through the week.  Risperdal and Wellbutrin every other day twice a week beat nothing at all.  One small problem, my savings are almost nil.  Thank God for my support system.


Now I started making daily phone calls because I wanted my Invega.  I wanted the clarity and the feeling that went with it.  Every day the calls were in vain.  I even called your Office.  Please thank Sarah for the help she provided in my direction.


It would take 3 weeks.  A Nurse practitioner finally hooked me up with Invega samples.  Our thinking is that on November 1st, my Medicaid changes from straight Medicaid to a name brand type.  At that moment, they should cover the Invega.  If scenario A is true, I will be covering it for myself not long after that.


However, here is the rub: what if I was not me??  For a regular person, I am somewhat resourceful, decently intelligent, a pretty good communicator, and can advocate for myself.  Now stack me up to most of my mentally ill brothers and sisters.  Many of them cannot advocate for themselves that well.  Some are not even cognizant of what they are supposed to do in such a situation.


What would happen to many of them??  They might have taken the Wellbutrin solely and ran into a hell of a jackpot.  They also may have taken nothing, had the depression re-catch them and commit suicide.  It is on their behalf I write this letter today.  You need to commit to making sure that if Medicaid denies one Psych Med that the replacement is immediately available through an arrangement made ahead of time.


This is where life gets political.  Yes, it is the right thing to do but you need an issue.  Donald Trump’s approval rating is at 33 but the Southern Strategy never took hold here.  The “15.9” rule exists but the Compare Politics Model precludes it.  You are a better candidate than your opponent but you are also an Italian Democrat from Utica running in a much larger District.  It should be noted that Italian folks are getting a raw deal here.  The progress I have seen in Compare Politics Model types intersecting with Globalist, that means we are fiscally conservative, social Liberals like me over the last 4 years has been awe inspiring.


What happens in the Family Court race will be instructive.  The Democratic candidate has all your problems.  She also has the problem of hiring Town Square Media which has driven many of us social progressives into the other camp.  I refuse to vote for anyone who hires people who reach out to the people who threaten me daily.  We will see if the Trump effect cancels out all her other challenges.


My guess is that you still need an issue.  Based on your opponent’s voting record and life conditions, this is perfect for you.  She, like every Trump supporter, tried to take our health care away.  She, like every Trump supporter, tried to make it impossible for those of us with pre-existing conditions, especially those of us who are mentally ill, to get any help at all.  The clear impression is that she would rather have us die.


This might be the most interesting cross-section.  Her son, as I served, is serving in our military.  Do I have to tell her how often I have had to help vets with their addiction issues??  Do we have to show her the stats of how many vets leave active service with various mental illnesses??  It is almost as if she did it to her own kid.


My hope is that you and I can talk about these issues with the person who is helping you pick your health care, mental illness, and addiction positions for your campaign.  Again, not only is it the right thing to do, but it creates miles of divide between you and your opponent.  That might be the exact issue you need to make up for your other challenges.


I hope to hear from you soon.  Please remember this is not so much about me at this point but is really about my mentally ill brothers and sisters.  I am not sure how many of them vote, but if you ever want to meet a few on our streets, please let me know.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robert T. Oliveira


Running, Mental Illness, and the Downtown Hospital

I ran twice yesterday.  That’s not a brag, just what happened.  I am filled with gratitude every morning when I wake up because I know the other possibility is right around the corner for someone like me.  If I somehow forget that, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington songs are always there to remind me.


I brought it up because it leads us to a discussion of mental illness, health, the downtown hospital, and tourism.  The NoHospital crowd, especially Rep. Tenney confidante Mark Wolber, don’t think they go together and quite frankly do not want me to talk about it.


My first run is the generic 5 miler to start the day.  I have this desire not to look 50.  Unfortunately, when I first got diagnosed as Bi-Polar 1, I got put on anti-psychotics which caused me to gain roughly 50 pounds.  For almost 5 years, since my meds changed to PRN, I have been trying to get that weight off.  Most people who stop taking their psych meds do so because of the nasty side effects or because the miss the highs that do not happen any longer.


As I get closer to the shape I used to be in, that brings up a point about tourism.  Tourists like to visit places where people are leading in healthy ways.  We already have all the little Bodegas and Halal shops to complement our other grocery choices leading to healthier diets.


Now, by hiking and running and canoeing and working out and skating and snowshoeing and skiing and hunting, yes I said hunting, we can show off how healthy we want to be to the rest of the planet.  The Downtown Hospital location follows into this line of thinking.  Our current hospitals lead in unnecessary infections and deaths and the inability to use modern techniques.  We put great people in old building and ask them to perform like they are using state of the art equipment when in truth the buildings fail them.


Tourists love all that making the hospital easier to afford and causing a reduction on local tax levies due to higher sales tax income.  To hear people argue that the downtown can sustain the same level of sales tax revenue as we wait for the magic investors to show up, how many new businesses located down there in the 3 years before the hospital announced?, as the bright shiny new hospital will bring in is laughable.


My second run of the day was about my mental health.  I had done a good deal of writing yesterday, including the new video script, and my head was clogged.  Between the creativity abilities, the high IQ, the Bi-Polar disease, the mania that comes with it, and the semi-eidetic memory, it’s noisy in here all the time.


The best way to relieve it is to run.  Running is about my mental health as much as my physical health if not more.  Sometimes when the Bi-Polar disease is really strong, it is a way to let the mania flow out before I do anything stupid.  By the end of yesterday, I could not sort through all the stuff.


I got in another 4 miles.  Big difference between Utica in Newport.  In Utica, people cheer you on and suggest you run the Boilermaker.  In Newport, people ask you what your time looks like so they can go home later and beat it.


Just because I get the question all the time, the Boilermaker is a race.  I do not run in it because my sick twisted mind would treat it like a race.  Before you knew it, I would be back in the timeshare business looking for extra cash so I could fly to Kenya and train.


While the rest of me is a work and progress, my legs and lungs are still at “game level” shape.  I am also grateful since I know most people who have turned 50 don’t get to choose to run 9 miles in a day.  I am sure there are millions of us but we are in the minority.


The Downtown Location, since the St. Luke’s location does not exist, will make it easier for those of us who suffer mental illness or from addiction, to get the access to the beginning of treatment.  That by itself is an improvement over what we have now.


I have a 5 miler scheduled for Wednesday morning.  I doubt there will be a run Wednesday night due to a scheduling conflict.  However, when I am on that run little parts of me improve.  If we build the hospital in the downtown, large parts of all of us will improve.  Do you really want to do what the Trump and Tenney supporters suggest leading us to being trapped in a stagnated past everyone would rather forget??  You can show that they’re wrong by getting in a little exercise today.