The Pleasant Street Crack Reunion

8 May 2019


Chief Daniel English

Town Of Kirkland Police Department

2 New Street

Clark Mills, NY 13321


Dear Chief English:


I hope this message finds you well.  It has been just over 7 months since the break-in that took all my belongings on 29 September 2018.  In an attempt to make myself whole again, from the perspective of obtaining justice since I have replaced everything except for some of the shirts that were stolen, I have started to interview lawyers.  They all begin with the same series of questions surrounding one judgement attributed to you. Before I ask whether or not you plan to stick to that judgement, in fairness, since it was so long ago, perhaps we should review what happened.


I moved into the property across the street from the Post Office in November of 2017.  The rent was never late. In August of 2018, a pipe burst. Dustin Dwyer, owner of the property, did not want to fix the pipe and instead made several threatening phone calls and sent several threatening text messages.  You can review those here


He then served my roommate a 30 day notice.  Following that, he tried to turn the water off.  He did so himself or through one of his workmen who was not licensed.  No permit was issued for this work. That was not uncommon. We could tell because he only managed to turn half of the water off.  Living there reminded me of backing back in the field with the 1st of the 3rd Artillery where I served as the Legal Clerk. For the record, I do not think Mr. Dwyer ever served.


Mr. Dwyer never applied for a permit when he did work on that property.  Against local zoning laws, he engaged in “weekly rentals” on the second floor.  Not only did he house people on the second floor, but he never built a fire escape to reach them.  Pieces of heavy equipment, for instance backhoes, were stored and driven on the property in violation of zoning regulations.  The drivers often did not have appropriate training and/or insurance in violation of state laws. National Grid had engaged in an investigation regarding meter sharing at the property.


I can only guess the community allowed this to happen for one of three reasons.  The first could be just a lack of investigative resources. However, a recent FOIL completed for me indicated that the Town of Kirkland had no problem getting other people to follow the rules.


The second possibility was because Mr. Dwyer had “upstate money”, much like James Brock or Brett Truett, and so he was allowed to violate the law.  The way the Codes Department and Building Superintendent handled this matter, allowing the clock to run out instead of enforcing the Codes Law as would have happened in Utica, indicates this was a possibility.


The problem with that is I did not grow up here.  I knew Dorothy Hamilton, the Campbell’s Soup Heiress, rather well since we “competed” all the time.  Elizabeth Meyer, founder of the International Yacht Restoration School, and I were on opposite sides, in a friendly manner, of many issues.  Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy and I were partners during many Rhode Island Young Democrats initiatives when we were both in school.


If I wanted to, I could go down to West Palm Beach, kowtow to my father, and become an instant millionaire.  This is not much different than Mr. Dwyer waiting around for his father to die. I am sorry, but my integrity matters more to me than that.  If I wanted similar money, I could go back to Newport, RI and be a resort sales manager tomorrow just like I was at the BayClub for 6 years until I sold all the inventory.  My goals here matter more than that. Maybe if your Codes Department and Superintendent had more experience with real money, they would not be so impressed by Mr. Dwyer and as a result, force him to stay within the bounds of the law.


The final possibility is one I hope is definitely not true.  That would mean Mr. Dwyer actually paid somebody. Receiving a bribe and then acting on it does not sound like the actions a Town of Kirkland Official.


So everything continued along into September.  My roommate moved out. My plan was to wait until the night of September 30th, move into a local hotel, and then sue.


On the morning of September 29th, that all went wrong.  I got up early that morning to go to work and there was no power.  A call to National Grid indicated that it was not them. Back on or about 13 September 2018, I had moved the electricity into my name and have the bills to prove it.  I know Mr. Dwyer has made many statements to the contrary, including a few were perjury would attach. Mr. Dwyer tends to do this a lot. If you think this is the only way he can be impeached in writing should you ever decide to put him on the stand, guess again.


What was really creepy is if it was not National Grid, it had to be Mr. Dwyer or someone at Mr. Dwyer’s direction.  The entrance to the meters was locked by Mr. Dwyer. It was known he had messed with meters in the past. I had to shave that morning in the dark.  I nicked my face. The mark sits right under my nose and over my lip to remind myself of that day when I shave now.


I went to work and had a pretty good day other than realizing I was coming home to a house with no power.  When I returned home I was in for another surprise. There was a lock installed from the inside and I could not get back in the house.  Again, this was September 29th. I had indicated everywhere I was not leaving until midnight on the 30th. Once I left, I made it clear the first thing I was going to do was sue both the community and Mr. Dwyer so that the law would be enforced.


I called the police and my roommate.  Your Officer arrived. Please notice that while I am going to describe your Officers actions, and one large inaction, I will never mention their name.


Why??  I appreciate law enforcement too much.  Due to the Sandra Bland video being released, will some friends and I get together this weekend to discuss how to create a scenario where that cop commits suicide??  Yes we will. Are we decently sure that if we employed this scenario he would commit suicide?? Yes we are.


Then why do we never employ this scenario beyond talking about it??  While true that we must get it out of our systems, if we employ it somebody could copycat what we did and use it to hurt good cops.  We cannot allow that.


Is it true that years ago only 3% of police personnel were dirty/racist??  Yes. Is it true that now that number has risen to somewhere around 18% thanks to the Presidency of Donald Trump??  Yes it is. However, the lives of good cops matter too much so we talk about it, get it out of our systems, and put it away.  For the record, as a Chief, you are not a cop. Instead, you are a political figure.


I want local police departments to reach out to me when they need to find a missing person in a crack house.  I want local police to trust me when they come upon a mentally ill person, much like I am, but can’t speak their language while I can.  I want local police backup when I go venturing looking for missing people on my own. Yes, I do have OG status but only in a couple of states.  I prefer cop backup. For all these reasons, the Officer from that day will not be mentioned by name.


My former roommate and the Officer arrived at the same time.  After assessing the situation, the Officer came up with an idea.  The Officer ventured off for a couple of minutes. The Officer came back with a hammer.  The Officer instructed me to break the glass door, undo the lock, and let myself in. My former roommate took a couple of photos and I followed the instructions.


Upon entering I was in near shock as I realized my stuff had been stolen starting with my laptop.  My laptop contained information and programs so I could stay sober, I have over 16 years of sobriety, and manage my Bipolar 1 disease.  Now that laptop was gone along with my clothes, my pictures, my letters, some collected sober pins, my toiletries, and other things I cared about.


Immediately I thought of Mr. Dwyer as did my former roommate.  The lock on the inside of the door was a huge giveaway. Your Officer resisted this thought and said, “It could be somebody else”.  That resistance led to me writing this letter:


The day would go on much as was described in the letter.  I would feel threatened several times. Mr. Dwyer, who committed the crime or had it committed at his behest – unless you believe in the Lockmeister, was in the driveway for hours.  When I finally left, I saw your Officer one more time. He told me that YOU had decided that this was a Civil Matter. I did not know local police departments were allowed to interpret the law to call something “civil”.  When did this happen??


That night, because it was not safe to stay at the apartment, I gathered up what little was left of my things and I left.  My boss graciously allowed me to have the next day off. I told my employers that I was probably going into the “Behavioral Unit” for a few days because I could feel the mania beginning to rage and I knew the cycle was going to be deep.


After spending Sunday at my friends house, I traveled to Utica on Monday.  I went to the Library and waited for the inevitable. When the mania reached a certain stage, I wrote this Letter to the Editor that was published in numerous newspapers around the country


The day I got out, I reported back to work.  I went home and set some goals. I came up with a financial milestone when I would try to get justice since your Department decided to deny me justice on that day.  I passed that milestone last week and started talking to attorneys.


There is one unfortunate thing I have to bring up.  Between social media and straight blog followers, this letter will eventually potentially come in contact with 20,000 people.  Then there will be people who search for Mr. Dwyer or you on the web, I dominate search, and discover this letter. You have to add them in too.


One of those people will know Mr. Dwyer.  They will inform him. He will try to silence me by hiring “contractors”, that’s not a euphemism – I mean literally out of work contractors, to rough me up.  He has done this often to others in the past. Sadly, he never pays the contractors after they finish their work assignments. You will notice he has this problem with regular workers as well.  For instance, every week literally it is a different guy without insurance and proper training driving the backhoe.


For that reason, I have reached out to two groups.  Because I am a member of the “Recovery Community”, it was easy to get introduced to low level members of the local drug dealing community.  Bartering with them so they would watch my back was easier than I thought.


I also called some old friends I used to deal crack with back in Fall River, MA in the late 90’s.  We’re calling it the Pleasant Street Crack Reunion.  Instead of being one afternoon on Pleasant Street, it will be numerous weekends in Kirkland, New York over the summer.  If you see vehicles with Massachusetts and Rhode Island license plates in your community blasting Dope Man by NWA out of the stereo, they are probably friends of mine.  They are here to keep me safe.


I was surprised to find out how many were still left.  Yes, the great majority had died or went to prison, where they died.  Out of the remaining crew, only one is still in the industry on the money end.


People who read this letter on the blog will notice this is a major change.  For the last 6 years since I moved up here, I have observed a Star Trek like Prime Directive.  No matter what I tried to do up here, I did it with resources from here. Those days are over. No more fighting with one hand tied behind my back.


From now on, if I need cash, the call goes to Newport or the Vineyard.  If I need political help, I call Boston or DC. I will reach out to friends in Albany, Bridgeport – the Connecticut version, and Providence.  Without boring you with the story, thank a guy named Larry Joseph.


One last note, if your first thought after reading this attempt to hold your Department accountable after making a huge mistake is to try to threaten me, I would humbly suggest you think otherwise.  Please notice that I am not mad at Kirkland. The people have Kirkland have been great to me and as such, the Clerk has not received a “please give me the first pages to all your grant applications so I can disrupt them FOIL” as many other communities have.  This lawyer in Kentucky called that “terrorism” because I guess I rattled him


If you could kindly send me your answer in writing to the simple question, “Do you still believe that Mr. Dwyer did this and you ignored the law to call it civil” in writing that would be appreciated.  No, you are right, no law says you have to. However, I have many more free market and political tools at my disposal. You did not lose all your stuff.




Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza, Unit 1205

Utica, NY  13502



An Update with a Story to Follow

Remember I posted this:

Well, the County Clerk’s Office reached out to me today.  They said they sent that letter down to Finance and Finance rejected it saying it was the Tax Assessor’s job.

I called the Tax Assessor.  His team said that because forms, I’m going to get these numbers wrong, 584 and 5713 are filed with the County at the time a sales is completed, it’s the County’s job.

I called County Finance directly and explained the guidance I have been given.  County Finance personnel said they would talk to a Deputy Commissioner.  They also said they would mention the state laws I cited.


Frankly, I don’t care who does it.  Yes, state law says it is a County task but if things work better for us in Oneida County having the municipalities do it, that’s cool by me.  In any event, they have to get together and make sure the Brett Truetts of the world follow the law.


That’s the heart of this.  Brett, Jim Brock, Ken Roser, Claudia Tenney, David Gordon, and Jim Zecca will all fill the victim role.  Meanwhile, they will skip around guidelines you have to follow.  (Later this week you’ll see what another Claudia Tenney supporter, Dusty Dwyer, is getting away with over in Kirkland via this strategy.)

Mind you, they will continue to do it until somebody gets in their face.  I guess that time is now.


Is The Common Council President Preparing To Break The Law Again??

17 August 2017

Common Council President Michael P. Galime

Utica Department of Legislation

1 Kennedy Plaza

Utica, NY  13502

Dear Mr. Council President:

One of two things must be true.  The Downtown Hospital proposal has clearly brought out the worst in your judgement and your instincts or you are not the person you portrayed yourself to be when you appeared before the voters in 2015.  In any event, I find it necessary to write to you because you are about to break the law, again.


As you are aware, there is a complaint before the Public Integrity Bureau regarding your conduct during the alleged “illegal meeting” between the Common Council and members of the County Legislator.  It becomes clearer with each day that you tried to create a technical violation as some sort of “Hail Mary Pass” to back up your own misguided promises regarding the downtown hospital proposal.


Now it has come to my attention that it was your idea to allow the No Hospital Downtown Groups to make a presentation during a Common Council meeting.  That gets us into two problems.


No Hospital Dwtn is now a ballot line.  Members are out getting signatures.  Therefore, all connected organizations to the various efforts and the candidates are subject to campaign finance law.  Such an appearance by an established ballot or Party would constitute an in-kind contribution.  Neither the Common Council, nor the city of Utica as a whole since the Common Council Chamber belongs to the citizens, are allowed to make such an in-kind contribution.  Knowing that it is against the law, why would you even make such an offer??


The second problem is that we know No Hospital Dwtn will present the St. Luke’s campus as an alternative.  This is simply fraudulent.  It is clear in the legislation that urban renewal of some form must go on to get the funding.  Forgetting the $1.3 million per bed cost, forgetting the remediation issues, and forgetting the logistical nightmare it will to build a hospital on wetlands next to a hospital still in operation, the Senate Finance Committee wants nothing to do with this.  Were you planning to allow No Hospital Dwtn to present this fraudulent alternative without question??  How is that a service to the citizens of Utica??


Let me remind you that the 22nd District, which I hope to represent, is incredibly diverse.  Few people who live there have the money that Mr. Brock and Mr. Truett do.  Larger accounts should not lead to unequal justice.  The people of the 22nd want the hospital in the downtown location and I will do everything I can, whether I get elected or not, to do just that.


Opposing the hospital to engage in a delusional vision of the 70’s is not acceptable.  Opposing the hospital because one has an allergy to brown people, seems to be Mr. Brock’s affliction, is not acceptable.  Opposing the hospital because the Trump Administration and Claudia Tenney failed to deliver on the promise to disrupt health care for many is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.


It is interesting to note that most of the No Hospital crowd are supporters of the mentally unfit bigot we have serving as President.  Even Senator Corker seemed to make the unfit bigot point today.  I have not heard you decry what happened in Charlottesville.  I have not heard you decry this President’s reaction to Charlottesville.  I have not heard you say that the people who live in the 22nd District, my neighbors, are of equal value to the lily white crowd you made a number of misguided promises to.


I guess we have to go over your role.  You were elected to hold on to a gavel and run meetings.  Nothing more; nothing less.  You have been involved in politics for about two years.  You do not know everything.


You are not there to dictate policy.  You are not there to impact decisions.  You are not there to discriminate against the people from my neighborhood.  You are not there to supersede the will of the Common Council.  You are not there to tank meetings.  You are not there to make the Chambers available for an illegal purpose so your chosen side gets a leg up.  Kindly learn your place.


Please do not make me write a letter like this again.  Dragging your employer into the mess and seeking a restraining order are on the table.  The people I wish to represent are not to be disrespected by some rookie.


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.



Robert T. Oliveira

763 Mary Street

Utica, NY  13501


Thank You Gene Allen

14 August 2017

Community Affairs Specialist Gene A. Allen

City of Utica Urban Renewal Agency

1 Kennedy Plaza

Utica, NY  13502

Dear Mr. Allen:

I would like to public thank you for the leadership you have shown regarding the “extension of terms” petitioning effort.  Many people talk a good game but you have gone out into the community showing everyone exactly where you stand and why they should follow you.  That takes energy and courage.


I also thank you as a Madisonian.  That would be Madison the Founder, who was a genius, as opposed to Madison the President, who was in over his head.  Term limits have never solved any problem that they purport to resolve.  Since we limited the terms for Presidents of the United States, every Presidency except for President Barack Obama’s has encountered a major scandal in the second tem – i.e. the term limits term.


Please allow me to be clear.  This is not an endorsement of anyone currently in office who is about to hit the current statuary limit.  It is an endorsement that the voter must have the ultimate choice and should be able to choose the most qualified applicant.  Imagine if we applied this standard to accountants or mechanics or, perish the thought, doctors??  Do you want the most experienced surgeon in the room or some newbie??


In fact, if you initiated a poll right now, most Americans would choose the 3rd term of Barack Obama over another day of Donald Trump.  That leads to a disturbing trend that has started to develop in our community.


There is a strain of citizens, connected to money, who want to take basic services away from our citizens.  It is not a surprise that those behind term limits, a tool of the untalented and socially conservative, are also the people who cheered on the Republican Party when they tried to take Obamacare away.  The same people who cheered at the thought of those with pre-existing conditions more than likely dying are the same people who want to deny out citizens from having a modern hospital.  Not surprisingly at all, they are all devotees of Donald Trump and should be treated as such: without civility.


In “grab them by the anatomy fashion”, James Zecca apparently thinks that women cannot think for themselves.  Recently, not only did he criticize public employees, but he also criticized women just for carrying petitions.  In Mr. Zecca’s mind, Susan and Debra cannot be Susan and Debra.  Instead they must always be Mrs. Palmieri and Mrs. Moorehouse.  It is as if their entire persona is defined by who they married instead of being respected as individuals.  Of course, as a Trump supporter, women are just objects instead of functional human beings capable of showing the same kind of leadership and courage you have.  We could ask him to apologize but Trump supporters cannot even condemn Mr. Trump for putting 3 actual Nazi’s in the Whitehouse and a installing a KKK member as Attorney General so I would not expect much.


Someone needs to tell the term limits crowd that public employees do not give up their right to free speech or political action just because they became public employees.  I would be more concerned if public employees were trying to to further limit terms.  I would be more concerned if public employees were afraid to express their true opinions in public.


This letter is also not an indictment of the folks who limited terms back in ’92.  Back then, they did not think they had another answer.  Now, with $1 billion dollars of investment on the way and the Compare Politics Model dying out, we are a different city.  We do not live in ’92 anymore.


Unfortunately, for the Jim Zeccas of the world, it will always be around then or worse.  They want term limits just like they want patients to suffer needless infections.  They want term limits just like they want patients to die while being transported to get to the operating room.  They want everything to be held in the past just like they do not want modern robotic techniques to be used in our new hospital.


What is most laughable is when a Brett Truett or Jim Brock or Jim Zecca talks about transparency.  We already know that term limits have nothing to do with transparency.  We also know that as Trump supporters, they worship the most secretive President, as well as the most often on vacation, in our times.  As Congressmen Tenney supporters, they offer comfort to someone who cannot even appear for a public townhall.  In short, when you hear those names expect hypocrisy to follow.


When I go door to door here in the 22nd Legislative District, I never use my opponents experience against her.  Instead, I focus on the different set of skillsets, more suited to a modern age, which I bring to the table.  Mr. Zecca would do well to stop worrying about why someone with experience has to leave and instead focus on a message that somehow rises above “not in my backyard” which is all he ever has to offer.


Now there is one uncomfortable thing we have to discuss.  While you were out petitioning, the charge has been leveled that you may have accidentally used your “City owned” cellphone or email by accident.  When you represent our city as well and as often, even when you are “off the clock” you are “on for Utica”, that can happen.


Please run what I am about to suggest by the Corporation Counsel.  He may wish to follow this path or slightly alter it.  Kindly go back and look through your emails and texts.  If you did, please keep a tally of how many months it happened in.  Multiply the months by 50.  That is the number of dollars that needs to be reimbursed to the city.  Again, you are not the first dedicated city employee this has happened to in the United States.


You can reimburse the amount through personal funds, self-reporting, but ideally the petitioning campaign should for purposes of transparency as they would have to report.  If no formal campaign was set up, feel free to use one of my PACs, my 501-c-4, or my campaign account, all which must report, as a go between.  Thank you again for your great service.  You make Utica a better place for everybody to live in.


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.



Robert T. Oliveira

763 Mary Street

Utica, NY  13501


A Pledge I Cannot Sign

11 August 2017

President Shawn Corrigan

Better Utica Downtown

333 Lafayette Street

Utica, NY  13502

Dear Mr. Corrigan:

I would like to thank Better Utica Downtown for the positive energy the group has contributed to the city of Utica as a whole.  Many people have become engaged in city issues who would not have without your efforts and that is a good thing.


It has come to my attention that you have asked candidates to sign a Pledge indicating that they will not support a Hospital in Utica’s Downtown proposed location and would rather see the hospital built at the location known as the St. Luke’s site.  I am sorry, but I cannot sign your Pledge for a number of reasons – some have nothing to do with you.


First and foremost, your Pledge does not make an affirmative case for a new hospital.  Currently, hospitals in the system are unable to ward off infection as well as newer hospitals can.  Currently, patients die while being wheeled to a different floor in order to be operated on.  Currently, modern robotics are not being used in our operating issues due to power and other logistical concerns.  Currently, ER triage has a layer of complication a new hospital would fix.  These are just some of the issues that cause a new hospital to be mandatory.


Beyond that, your pledge brings up the insult that is the St. Luke’s site.  At $1.3 million per bed, the building cost is too high.  Logistical issues will cause great harm to those already healing at the St. Luke’s location.  When we dig under St. Luke’s, we will find wetlands instead of actual water systems which can be used exactly in the same way that the city of Providence used theirs.  Most importantly, the St. Luke’s site fails the “urban renewal” test and therefore will never get funded.


Any candidate who signs this pledge has lied to the citizens of Utica since that site will never be considered.  I do not believe that lying is a good way to get elected.  It should be noted that most of the candidates who have signed the Pledge already are devotees of Donald Trump and therefore have no problem with lying.  They also indicate they have no idea how Albany politics work.  See my previous sentence.


However, signing the Pledge causes more issues than just the content of the Pledge itself.  It would put any candidate in association with Jim Brock.  Mr. Brock gave contributions, via real estate donations, to both the Tenney and Trump campaigns.  No Democrat should align with that.


Yet magically it manages to somehow get worse.  Mr. Brock is a gay man in a gay marriage who supports candidates who would not allow gay people to enter same sex marriages if they could change the law.  Mr. Brock supports candidates who feel it is quite all right for the government of Chechnya to force gay people into internment camps.  Mr. Brock supports candidates who support white supremacy and violence against “Social Justice Warriors”.  In other words, Mr. Brock supports candidates who support violence against people like me.  How any social Liberal, not to mention any gay person, can stand next to Mr. Brock is absolutely beyond me.  There has to be a line somewhere.


Then there is the involvement of Brett Truett.  Like Mr. Brock, Mr. Truett seems to practice, “I don’t want to visit a hospital where I have to drive by brown people” in public while carrying out a different policy at home.  When Donald Trump had his “grab them by the pussy” quote exposed, candidate for Congress Martin Babinec was using Mr. Truett’s building.  Mr. Babinec was asked to fire two white nationalists working on his campaign team who had ties to Trump.  He refused.  Mr. Truett was then asked to evict Mr. Babinec over the incident.  Mr. Truett refused.  How any woman can stand next to Mr. Truett is again beyond me.  However, Mr. Truett’s sins also delve into the personal as well as the political.


Late last year, Mr. Truett starting making noises about starting a Tour Bus company.  Because Mr. Truett has been successful, he finds it ok to make lots of noises about lots of things he never follows through on.  Do a quick internet search and you can find all kinds of ideas registered in his name.  The problem was this time, he took a senior citizen for a ride, pun intended.


Mr. Truett had already chosen to go into another direction with his choice for tour bus tour guide but he still wanted to get the information from this senior citizen.  I had told Mr. Truett at the time that I did not have time to take any meetings unless I knew a guaranteed payoff was down the road.  Mr. Truett shook on that.  While he told me that money was coming, for the senior citizen seeing these bus tours come to fruition was a lifelong dream.


We spent two whole days driving the senior citizen around listening to his stories.  Thankfully, the stories were amazingly cool but told in a monotone style which is why Mr. Truett wanted to go in a different direction.  On the morning of the 3rd day, Mr. Truett sent an email, not a personal conversation but an email, announcing that the idea was off.  Even though we had wasted two days on this false start, no money was coming.


When I did finally get to speak to Mr. Truett in person, he accused me of wanting to “shoot him in the face” in a delusional fashion.  This is the same stunt he pulled at the Master Plan Review meetings where he stormed out screaming about a conspiracy because Common Council member Joe Marino accidentally mis-collated some copies.  I expect to watch Mr. Truett walk out of everything he walks into.


However, all of that does not get us to the real issue does it??  Because I do not practice the Compare Politics Model, I do not have to be passive-aggressive.  I can engage in uncomfortable situations.  When I have a beef with somebody, I can announce it.  No target is safe.  We need to talk about what is really going on here and all those answers lead to deeply held emotions.


The first time I got a sense of that was when I was raising money for Art on Utica during the first go round.  We have been presented with another opportunity to bring an amazing act to the Train Station so this week we will be raising money again.  During that first go round, I remember two specific cold calls.  One was Metzler Printing and the other was a plumbing supply house.  In both cases, the decision makers were frozen by fear and indecision over a $10 ad.  That is when I first realized the potential emotional component.


For a moment, imagine you have a successful business in the area.  In this scenario, you are a whiz at what you do but your practices and systems are not exactly “modern.”  Maybe you went through a previous move and it caused chaos as well as a lot of money.  Just the thought of moving keeps you up at night.  It has nothing to do with infrastructure or “downtown character” or tax revenue.


Investigating your own situation reveals the same thing.  How long has your dad been approaching you and Karen about his vision of the downtown??  I am guessing at least a decade.  Each time, something else “came up.”  Maybe it was a new facility, maybe it was a seasonal thing, maybe you had to just run your business and do inventory.  Every single time you looked at dad and said, “Don’t worry dad, we’ll get to it”.


All that time, dad was getting older but it was not a concern yet.  All of a sudden out of nowhere, a proposal emerges to make what your dad wants an impossibility.  All of a sudden you realize how old he is and humans being humans, you have to start calculating how much time you have left.  Now, the math is not working.  You may not get it done in time for dad to see it.


This is one place where being mentally ill and an addict/alcoholic gives me an advantage over many other people.  Due to my diseases, I realize how many times I should have already died.  I cannot “push things off” because I am only guaranteed the 24 hours directly in front of me.  Anything beyond that does not belong to me.


Your dad’s vision has one other problem.  It does not fit an internet ready world.  In one part, it is genius; in one part it is logistically delusional.  It is akin to when Donald Trump says he will bring coal jobs back.  Do you know that more people work for Arby’s than in the coal industry and twice as many are employed by Kohl’s than in the coal industry??  That means you are 3 times as likely to have a job finding a lamp or producing the perfect roast beef sandwich than you are digging for coal.  What you dad believes can happen to the downtown is right up there with coal.  Maybe you want to break that to him before he reads this.


However, there is a genius part.  What your dad says about community and family and togetherness is amazing.  Instead of fighting off the hospital to preserve a dream that Amazon killed, why don’t you join with me in keeping your dad’s spirit alive by emphasizing community and family and togetherness??  To help everyone accomplish these things, I proposed:


Instead of keeping people sick and fighting over old buildings that did not become important until you realized your father’s vision of the downtown, circa 1973, was important, join me in doing what you claim to be for: Building a Better Utica Downtown and everywhere else.  I would happily name the BusinessShare Plazas after your dad since their mission is to promote family and togetherness and community.


From what I see and hear in the videos, I cannot imagine your father voting for any candidate he knew lied.  Since your Pledge relies on the St. Luke’s site, which is in itself a lie, don’t you owe it to your dad to change course??  We should honor him the right way.


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.



Robert T. Oliveira

763 Mary Street

Utica, NY  13501