An Update And An Invitation

21 May 2019


Oneida County District Attorney Scott D. McNamara

Oneida County District Attorney’s Office

235 Elizabeth Street

Utica, NY  13501


Dear Mr. District Attorney:


Just wanted to give you an update about a situation I had alerted you to outside your office.  To get clarity on 10 Liberty Street, I filed this:


Just in case something “funny” is going on there, I filed this:


In the next few days, you’re going to get a joint letter filed with the County Clerk and the Utica Tax Assessor as well.  At current, property owners can submit “fake”, as in cannot be residential addresses due to zoning concerns, addresses on property records and there is no place to file a complaint.  I would like this rectified locally instead of punting it into the hands of a judge.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza, Unit 1205

Utica, NY  13502