Welcome to the Friends of Bobby O Campaign Website.  I want to thank you in advance for the time you might spend here.  I hope it is not only informative but entertaining as well.  Buddy Cianci used to put a big focus on that.

My hope is that you can learn about some of my positions on the issues.  That in turn is designed to spur thought.  If you would like, there are ways you can share those thoughts with me.  If you already somewhat agree with me, there is a way to donate your time, talent and treasure to helping me bring about these changes in Oneida County.

Baggs Square, the 5S project, the Proposed Downtown Hospital, The U district, the Aud, the Nexus, City Hall, the County Building, Franklin Square, Downtown, the Radisson, Varick Street, Kennedy Plaza, the State Building, and the Hotel Utica are all part of this amazing district.  If we pay attention to our principles, we can do so much good.

No, I am not saying that Utica will be the tourist hub that Newport, RI is.  In the picture, that is the Newport BayClub in the background.  I am saying that we can be the tourist hub for travel, art, food, and entertainment through the entire upstate region, not just the Mohawk Valley. That potential lives in all of us provided we follow those principles I mentioned.

I do have a question though.  How come so many of you are not participating??  Turnout in our district has been really low in the last few election cycles.  That surprises because when I’m jogging or at the grocery store or the East Utica meeting, everybody is interested in local affairs.  I know you care so know I have to discover what it will take to get you to come out and vote.

Yes, I do have some theories and you’ll hear about that as the campaign goes on.  If you’re worried that the “D” in front of my name is just there for convenience, please check out my political resume here on the site.  You will discover that I have campaigned for all those “globalist elites” Fox News complains about.  I do believe the 22nd District is intellectual enough that it can elect a social liberal/fiscal conservative just like most outstanding sections of awesome blue state cities.


County government has not always been kind to the city of Utica in the last few years.  That seems like it is about to change.  As it does, we have a responsibility to help those living outside of Utica by maximizing our tax revenue as we go along.  Yes, I know, the full metro Utica/New Hartford/Rome axis is not totally together yet, so we may have to play defense for a little while, but hope is available on the horizon.

If all of that sounds interesting to you, please read and of course call or email if you have a question.  If you’re in the Mary Street area or on Genesee Street around 7 am when I run most days, please say hello.  The more voters we turn out, the more likely it is we can protect the interests of Utica and more specifically our own interests in the 22nd District.  Never forget that the County Building itself where the meetings are held is on our turf.  That gives us a tremendous advantage when it becomes time to get things done.

In the meantime, I will be looking forward to your questions and suggestions.  One of the advantages I have is that I work for me.  I do not pay myself very well, but it does open up a lot of free time.

If elected as the Legislator from the 22nd District, I promise to always be this transparent.  You deserve nothing less.


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