That PAC Deal Might Be Interesting

22 May 2019


Enforcement Counsel Risa Sugarman

New York State Board of Elections

40 North Pearl Street, Suite 5

Albany, NY  12207


Dear Enforcement Counsel:


A while back, I called your office regarding possible voter fraud here in Utica.  I wanted to provide an update. To get clarity on 10 Liberty Street, I filed this:


Just in case something “funny” is going on there, I filed this:


In the next few days, the District Attorneyis  going to get a joint letter filed with the County Clerk and the Utica Tax Assessor.  At current, property owners can submit “fake”, as in cannot be residential addresses due to zoning concerns, addresses on property records and there is no place to file a complaint.  It would appear that the #NoHospitalDowntown effort is taking advantage of this situation to hide cash.


However, that is not all.  It also appears that #NoHospitalDowntown has emerged into a PAC.  It should be noted that up until now, they have followed none of the statutes regarding activity of this kind.


Originally, I was hesitant to make this claim since the Hospital issue had not come before any public body.  With no political question on the table, it could be argued that they were just citizens engaging in free speech.


That all changed when the Utica Planning Board accepted the SEQR report regarding the hospital.  While the vote was unanimous, it became clear the expense of capital was designed to affect opinion.  As you know, nowhere in campaign finance law does it say a group has to be “successful” in order to have their actions guided by appropriate statute.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza, Unit 1205

Utica, NY  13502




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