An Update with a Story to Follow

Remember I posted this:

Well, the County Clerk’s Office reached out to me today.  They said they sent that letter down to Finance and Finance rejected it saying it was the Tax Assessor’s job.

I called the Tax Assessor.  His team said that because forms, I’m going to get these numbers wrong, 584 and 5713 are filed with the County at the time a sales is completed, it’s the County’s job.

I called County Finance directly and explained the guidance I have been given.  County Finance personnel said they would talk to a Deputy Commissioner.  They also said they would mention the state laws I cited.


Frankly, I don’t care who does it.  Yes, state law says it is a County task but if things work better for us in Oneida County having the municipalities do it, that’s cool by me.  In any event, they have to get together and make sure the Brett Truetts of the world follow the law.


That’s the heart of this.  Brett, Jim Brock, Ken Roser, Claudia Tenney, David Gordon, and Jim Zecca will all fill the victim role.  Meanwhile, they will skip around guidelines you have to follow.  (Later this week you’ll see what another Claudia Tenney supporter, Dusty Dwyer, is getting away with over in Kirkland via this strategy.)

Mind you, they will continue to do it until somebody gets in their face.  I guess that time is now.



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