A Note to My Readers

  1. Thanks for coming back and hanging out.  Most of you are reading 2 and 3 posts a day.  That’s awesome.
  2. Another side effect of the LuVox??  Less typos.  I know some of you love the writing but hate the mania related typos.  It took me 35 years to get sober, another 10 to find out I was Bipolar, and 7 more to discover LuVox.  I can’t even express how great this feels compared to every other minute being trapped in an OCD loop.
  3. Yes, now that the typos are slowing down, I will fix that other blog from the other day.  Obviously, my resume was written before LuVox.
  4. Why this picture??  It’s a sneak peak at what is coming Friday.  Sssssshhhhhhhh- don’t tell anybody.

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