Transparency Anyone

28 April 2019


Oneida County Clerk Sandra J. DePerno

Office of the County Clerk

800 Park Place

Utica, NY  13501


Dear Madam Clerk:


I hope this message finds you well.  This request was originally intended for the Utica Tax Assessor.  However, my research of state law on the issue I am about to present suggests that County Tax records are the “official documents”.


I refer you to the tax record for 126 Burchard Street, Utica NY.  It says the owner is Brett Truett. It lists has current address as “10 Liberty Street Utica, NY”.  Therein lies the problem: that cannot be his address and still be a faithful record of the facts..


10 Liberty Street is zoned as Highway Commercial.  By definition, as “current address” is defined in the state of New York, it cannot be anyone’s address.  That would include the two people that are apparently registered to vote there.


Do not feel bad as Mr. Truett plays this game all the time.  A FOIL request is supposed to reflect your current residence.  The last time he sent one to the Clerk for the City of Utica, in 2016, he once again used 10 Liberty Street.


In fact, because it cannot be a “residential listing”, 10 Liberty Street cannot even be a temporary address.  If Mr. Truett wishes to hide so much and not be transparent, he should rent a hotel room, at least that is a temporary location, and use that as his temporary address.


Mr. Truett has spent a number of consecutive years demanding transparency of others yet engaging in none himself.  This Liberty Street debacle is just another example. In order to get him to follow our laws, we must start somewhere.


Therefore, I request that you request of him, within a reasonable deadline, the actual address he lives at.  It has to be zoned residential. To be fair, he has to spend at least 150 nights a year there. Otherwise, someone with much worse intentions can take advantage of the Truett situation and create much bigger headaches.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza, Unit 1205

Utica, NY  13502



3 thoughts on “Transparency Anyone

  1. You’re still crackers, Bobby. Now you’re an expert on golf clubs? You probably can’t win the free game of putt-putt golf because the windmill blade gets you every time!

    Your friend,



    1. According to Dick’s, I’m the 3rd best salesman in the organization in the state. As far as playing goes, I used to be a 7, but that was forever ago.


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