OK – By Now You’ve Heard

By know you’ve discovered I’m trying to bring my own golf equipment retailing franchise to the area.  They say I can’t.  They also said I could never manage my own resort and I was the Sales Director at the Bay Club for 5 years.

Maybe it happens.  Maybe I’m just a freelance writer with a dream.  To make it happen, I need to keep my retail skills sharp and I need more cash.  Freelance writing only goes so far bill wise.  Therefore, you might here about this being shopped around (sorry for the Word to WordPress translation but we got short time today):


Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza, Unit 1205, Utica, NY  13502





Proven commission salesperson would like to bring a golf equipment retailer to the area.  In the meantime, I would like the charitable projects I’ve begun to continue.  Freelancing as a writer will always create a large percentage of my total revenue.  A retail position, especially one based on commission or where there are commission opportunities in the future, would be ideal.  Metrics concerning my sales numbers as compared to others in similar circumstances are available.




2018-2019               Dick’s Sporting Goods                             New Hartford, NY

Pro Shop Associate

I started off just selling clubs and maintaining inventory.  Along the way, I would become a certified club fitter and grip installer.  In 2019, 25 individual stores put their sales people on a commission program.  My store was not one of them.


2013-Present          Downtown Utica Investment Coalition         Utica, NY

Copywriter/Editor/Social Media/Salesperson

I generate content for 5 Blogs about Utica Politics, Rhode Island Politics, Utica Art, Utica Tourism, and Local Landlords that garner multiple hits per day. I have 4950 Facebook Friends and 3600 Twitter Followers.  Add in Ello, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the Blog followers and I am easily over 20,000 contacts on social media.  The Blogs create sales and raise money.


One of the more popular offerings is my copy writing skills.  The copywriting opportunities are much more satisfying than just selling ads on the various sites or raising money for art projects $10 at a time. I started writing professionally in 1990 as a speechwriter for, at that time, State Representative and future Massachusetts Democratic Chair Joan Menard. I have always taken writing jobs as a secondary source of income.


In the summer of 2017, the DUIC doing business as Art on Utica, produced 21 live art exhibitions.  18 artists performed, 93 sponsorships were sold, over 1000 people viewed live art, and the artists garnered 14 Commissions for future work.  I just started raising money for the 2019 version of Art on Utica which will have more of the presentations produced in such a way as to bring children closer to the Utica art experience.  I am proud to say that every one of our locations from 2017 would like to have us back this year.


2005-2016               Total Newport       Newport RI and Utica, NY


Total Newport was the “contractor name” I used to obtain different positions in the timeshare industry after I left Equivest.  This way, I could bring on fellow team members as well.  From 2006-2008, contracted with Regency Travel as a Podium Speaker and Sales Manager.  From 2006-2011, served as Sales Director at the Newport Bay Club.  Responsibilities included running an off property contact division that eventually exhausted the Bay Club’s inventory.  From 2012 to 2016, I managed $800,000 of timeshare inventory.  Sold the inventory en bloc in 2016 because selling individual weeks over the internet was not as much fun as selling in person.  All positions included sales training responsibilities.


2001-2006               Equivest/Wyndham         Newport, RI


The Cendant Corporation bought out Equivest and rebranded it as Wyndham.  The Corporate Officers who were bought out in that transaction.  Moved forward by forming the Sterling Group.  I conducted “one on one” and podium presentations, depending on tour flow, both lasting 90 minutes.


Education and Military Experience


For elementary school, I attended St. Philomena’s.  Moved from 6th grade to 7th grade at St. Phil’s in the same year effectively “skipping” a grade.  I would attend Portsmouth Abbey for 9th grade, however the $10,000 per year, in 1981, tuition costs became an issue. I went on to graduate from Bishop Connolly High School 1984.  I left college after being recruited by the Dukakis Campaign.  On the campaign, I discovered that military service was important.  In 1992 I joined the Army where I earned a Legal Specialist Certificate from the US ARMY awarded to me at Fort Jackson, SC.  I first served in the 3rd JAG located in Boston, MA.




So after reading that mess while I chase a retail gig to give other retail types a job, ain’t Capitalism grand?, why the picture of the LuVox??  Simple, without it, none of this would be happening.  My OCD rituals used to take up 7 hours a day.  Now they’re down to 3.


Yes, BiPolar is fun because mania can be fun.  OCD never is.  Not saying if you have OCD you should try this, the first 7 days were nasty, but it could provide you the relief I’m getting now.


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