I Told You April 5th

Dear Mr. Senate President,


We have waited long enough.  If you can’t be Pro-Choice, kindly leave my Party before we don’t leave that decision up to you.


We will begin with North Providence grant disruption.  When they lose out, they will be told that the Senate President does not have the courage to be a Democrat.  You are going to play the same games like you did for a decade with the gay marriage legislation.


I will be in the state April 5th.  I expect the bill to come to the floor by then.  If we have to rotate out a bunch of wannabe Democrats because they only use the D to get elected and not because they believe what we believe, so be it.  Remember what I did to Polisena when he brought the fake fetus on the Floor?? Remember what I did to John Oster??


We are tired.  We are angry. Move on the Bill or kindly resign so somebody else can.  You fool no one with your non-existent delay.


I have 20,000 followers, not a lot but still pretty cool, across all my social media platforms.  I will be writing the Bishop on this issue later. Pedophilia will be a main topic. If you try to use your Catholicism as a reason not to bring up the bill, 70% of us are Pro-choice, you will be tied to Pedophilia as well.  Congratulations – you brought a knife to a gun fight and now you’re taking Trump’s side. How disgusting.


Have a wonderful weekend



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