Allah Sends A Tornado

21 March 2019


Governor Kay Ivey

Office of the Alabama Governor

600 Dexter Avenue

Montgomery, AL  36130


Honorable Governor Ivey:


Not too long ago, you allowed a Muslim man to be executed without his Imam present.  Not long after that, your state suffered a tornado and people died. Not too long ago, the Governor of Iowa signed an incredibly restrictive abortion law.  As we wake up today, most of her state is underwater. Is it possible these two things happened because both of you managed to tick off God who in your case might just happen to be Allah??


Surely I jest since I both believe in free will and the science of climate change.  However, a week cannot go by when someone claiming to be a Christian also claims that something has happened in nature not by science but instead as a direct result of God being angry.  Just the other day, Pat Robertson suggested, paraphrasing, that gay people were the result of a “lost America.”


Considering that 1 of the first 20 human beings God created via evolution had a better than 75% chance of being gay, I guess America has been lost for a long time.  It is interesting to note that more of you on the Republican side buy into this weird “revenge superstition” than accept the science of climate change. It makes many of us wonder if any of you are fit to serve.  It also serves to explain the average red state educational and economic performance.


I would never ask you to give up on your faith.  That would be a hypocritical act. Without my relationship to my Higher Power, I would not have been clean and sober for the last 16+ years.  We can ask you to not embarrass us by turning your faith into a cartoon.


For instance, while you said there was “no reason to disbelieve” Roy Moore’s accusers, you still voted for him.  That vote suggested that you believe that having the Majority in the Senate is more important than Pedophilia. Maybe this should not surprise us as most members of the Doomsday cult known as Evangelical Christianity believe that bringing up mistranslated events that already “happened” in 68 AD makes it justifiable to let a mentally ill pussy grabbing man serve as President.


Let us contrast that with what you said in the case of the executed man.  Alabama’s argument in that case was very worldly. You directed your state to uphold the concept that “only state employees can be in the presence of the prisoner as they die.”


The first obvious question to ask is why are there no Muslim Imams who double as state employees in Alabama??  In Alabama, the Muslim and Jewish communities are about equal in number. Are there any Rabbis who double as state employees or did the KKK take care of that??


The second obvious question is why does it suddenly matter??  You told far right Yellowhammer News, “That’s why as Governor protecting our Freedom, and our values, remains my top priority.”  You went on to say, “ . . .I was reminded of the unique rights and freedoms the Constitution provides for us to openly express our faith.”


Putting it nicely, you did not protect this man’s Freedom or his values.  When it was time for him to openly express his faith in his last moments, you shut him down.  Could it possibly be that the events happened the way they did because he is a Muslim?? That begs further questions.  How would he have been treated if he had worshipped Shiva or Zoraster?? Is it that all non Christians get screwed or is it only Muslims who have somehow offended Christians in such a way that they deserve retaliation??  If some member of your staff reads this and wants to offer up the 9/11 excuse, kindly remind them that the attack was carried out by Sunnis only and not the Shia. Let us be frank: you have no idea whether this man were Sunni or Shia and even if someone told you, you would not be able to identify other countries in the region where that group came from nor would you be able to tell anyone what the difference was.


It cannot be stated enough that the problem is not belief in, love for, and acceptance of Jesus as your savior.  The problem begins when a Christian accepts Revelations, the only one of 4 similar stories to make it into the Bible, as a reason for doing things in its mistranslated state.  The second problem arises when that same Christian defies Jesus on abortion, treatment of the sick, bigotry, sexism, and our attitudes towards newcomers.


We must never forget that Jesus himself said he came to endorse a law that included abortion.  He told you the parable of the Good Samaritan. He healed two gay people without hesitation. His personal confidant was a woman.  I humbly suggest you go back and reread these passages so the next time this situation arises, you follow his path of love instead of the path of bigotry you chose.


Your bio suggests that you are well educated.  Those of us who care about freedom expect you to act like an educated person instead of a superstitious simpleton.  Hopefully the next time a situation arises where religious freedom outside of a Christian context needs to be protected, you do what you are supposed to do.  What happens if you do not?? What is about to occur in Covington, Kentucky should be instructive.


Those of us in the majority are ticked off.  We grow tired of watching people like you substitute religious superstition for science. We grow angry when you place your beliefs over the needs of others.  Every time we get a paycheck, we get annoyed knowing that these “morally superior states” cannot pay for themselves and we have to chip in. We find it outrageous that the side that lost the last Civil War, where most of its cities were burned to the ground, wants to revisit the issue in the name of white nationalism.


This time Allah sent a tornado.  Next time, we will turn to the free market for answers.  Please do not let there be a next time.


In Hoc Signo,


Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza, Unit 1205

Utica, NY 13502



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