Making Financial Expertise Broadly Accessible

18 march 2019

Senior Vice President Matt Bowen

Fidelity Investments

100 Crosby Parkway, KC1G

Covington, KY 41015


Dear Mr. Bowen:


Please pass along my thanks to 3 people in your organization for making this letter possible.  When I decided to suggest that someone make a profit off of what was about to happen in the Covington area, the choices were Fidelity, another non financial firm, and the IRS.  Before the crash in 2008, I was a Fidelity customer making the choice easy.


Online however, it was not easy to determine who ran the local Covington Office.  A quick online search led me to the Facebook adventures of “Jesse and Evan.” They spend a lot of time strolling the campus and posting about who bought them coffee related pastries on any particular day.  They usually had a take on an inspirational quote leading off each post. They were a big help as was the gentleman in the call center who passed along your name and title. That led me to your LinkedIn page which is impressive in its own right.


As you may have heard, Mr. Nicholas Sandman is suing CNN and the Washington post for, say it with me now, “Half a Billion Dollars.”


Unfortunately for Mr. Sandman, after his mom suckered him into filing the suit, just like mom and dad forced him to wear Klan Hood in the first place, his lawyers had to actual file briefs.  Other lawyers have read them. The suit is a President Trump protection racket. Little was mentioned regarding actual harm endured by Mr. Sandman while he was committing a crime.


Oh, you didn’t know he was in the middle of a commission of a crime that day??  Something else his mentors suckered Mr. Sandman into. Sounds like Mr. Sandman could use some new mentors but more on that in a minute.


Since the suit is a Trump protection racket and an attempt to bully the media via the courts, there must be a response.  The best way to handle a bully is to punch them in the mouth. However, Kentucky law seems to have that covered. The next best way is to provide some form of sanction, while minor, to the rest of the Covington community due to the actions of Mr. Sandman’s parents.  Both parents are equally creepy, as discovered by investigating them, so there is no need to slide that back and forth. If you went through Basic Training like I did, Fort Jackson, this is similar to you pissing off your Drill Sergeant and in response, he makes everybody else do push ups.


While inconveniencing the community is important, not everybody in the community is at fault.  As a matter of fact, this means of disruption will lead some to opportunities to make money. You will notice I do not hold Mr. Sandman responsible for his actions.  That decision follows my own journey in Capitalism. I was a full out Communist until I read Wealth and Poverty by George Gilder.  At that moment, I became a Supply Siding Laffer disciple which has provided the sales component to all my written work.  Mr. Sandman deserves the opportunity to have his Wealth and Poverty moment at which time he learns to reject the Klan Hood.  His parents deserve to be disrupted. Your clients deserve to cash in.


The first place your investors might cash in is local tourism investment.  There are two times when local tourism spikes. One is when an area affirms itself as socially Liberal.  You will notice the inverse is also true. When an area confirms itself to be socially Conservative, see the United States after the 2016 election, it hemorrhages tourism dollars, see the Billions of dollars the U.S. has lost in tourism revenue since 2016. The second scenario that causes a spike is when Socially Liberal people visit a socially conservative area looking to create change.  That scenario is headed to Covington.


Our intent is to dox a number of the Covington parents.  Please notice I did not say all the parents. If you dox them all, they unify against you.  By doxing only some of them, you hope to get that twisted mix where you hurt the nice people and not hurt the real creepy people.  The Sandmans themselves will have to be a noticeable exception.


The “creepy people go free while the innocent people get nailed” mix creates the environment mostly likely to create tattle telling.  The parents set their kids out to violate tax laws must have more to hide. A religious institution contributed to a political debate using tax free religious resources is hiding more.  The kids could have worn any hat imaginable yet were instructed to wear the Klan Hood. Such instructors have something to hide. We cannot forget that this is a private Catholic school and how many of our Hispanic Catholic brethren suffer family separation daily at the behest of the originator of the Klan Hood.  Stirring things up in such an environment will create what Jim Ross used to call “a very, very, very volatile situation – anything can happen.”


Once the addresses come out, the visitors will start making plans.  They may be fellow racists and religious creeps who want to congratulate the parents.  They might be non successful wanna be cops who are there to protect the doxed parents. They could be mentally ill people who are carrying messages from Lord knows where, I can tell you in deep mania what the voice said – I can’t tell you where it originated from, that the doxed parents must hear or eternity will be revoked.  They might be normal people who just want to point a finger at the parents.


In any event, all these people need places to sleep and eat.  Once the “visiting caravan”, I already requested a check from George Soros, is large enough, then the media will revisit the area to view the daily spectacle.  They too need coffee and makeup and extra pants and a place to sleep and scrambled eggs. They also just might play golf.


If you decide to investigate me, you will learn that part of my income comes from golf.  Isn’t it ironic that almost directly on the path between you and the school is the Twin Oaks Golf Club??  You could see charity tournaments where foursomes include one kid, one parent, one outside protestor, and one member of your team pitching investment products.  You could set up one of those lemonade stand looking booths right outside the club where you feature “free maps”. In Newport, Rhode Island, literally tens of millions of dollars in timeshare sales were created through a “free map” inducement.  You could modify the technique for your sales goals.


The second area of investment opportunity opens itself up in the moving and design industries.  Many women in both Ohio and Kentucky are on the fence about living there due to recently passed abortion bills.  If you are an intelligent young woman capable of making a decent wage, why would you stay unless yanking your kids out of school seemed to be too traumatic for them??


At one time, the Kentucky women thought they could flee to Ohio.  Then Governor DeWine signed a disgusting bill. If that weren’t bad enough, Kentucky just passed a worse bill so those not attractive enough for sex could still control vaginas from afar.  Yes, retaliation is on the way but that does not change things in the now. If you were already thinking of fleeing and you live in the Covington area, the local disruption might just push you over the edge.


That means both moving and home design/rehab companies could become rather popular.  One to carry the intelligent women out of the area. The other to bring in people who need to take advantage of the depressed price structure the intelligent women have left behind.  In both cases, your clients should profit.


The last area of financial incentive is in the employment field.  That could be skills training, resume writing, executive skills marketing, degree pursuit, et cetera.  While it is true that we will only dox some of the Covington school parents, we are going to do background checks on all of them.


When we are finished, we will know every license and permit each one of them holds.  We can do that through basic public records requests. We will know where family members live and if any of them are in blue states making them easier to interact with.  Once we have all the data, then we can disrupt at will.


The easiest profession to mess with in the United States, if disrupting social conservatives is your thing, is real estate.  Real estate professionals hold a license making them easy to track. Real estate listings have to be advertised to be sold. You can talk to the home owner privately once their house is listed and you can do something tastier.  You can play the Mr. Sneakypants game and show up at the open house under the guide of wanting to buy the property.


In any event, do not disrupt the listings of people you are targeting.  Pick somebody else at random and disrupt their listing. When they ask, “Hey, I have no beef with you, why did you do that to me” simply point in the direction of the people you’re targeting.  Causing office chemistry to implode is the easiest way to make an office self disappear. If you have clients in the real estate business, remind them that white nationalism, unlike what our President may have tried to tell them about it, is unpopular in many circles.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.  Yes, we would like disruption for the entire area to achieve our goals but in the long run, we want many to succeed after the disruption.  People are only so responsible for what bigots, racists, sexists, and theocrats they decide to live next to.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




Robert T. Oliveira

2 Kennedy Plaza, Unit 1205

Utica, NY  13502



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