The Middle Aged White Men Are Coming

14 March 2019


Plan for the Week Memo


Dear Friends who follow the Blog,


I know: I haven’t done one of these in a long time.  My apologies. Thanks to my psychiatrist, my therapist,  my social worker, my doctor, and some mentors in mental health, we should be back on schedule.  I could not have done it without them.


You’re going to see the Plan for the Week Memo here on the Blog maybe once, maybe a few times then it’s moving over to the new Patreon location.  There will be constant updates.


At the Federal Level, Donald Trump handed us a gift today.  Not only did he get beat on the wall, Mexico still isn’t paying, not only did he take credit for a NAFTA “fix” no one has approved yet, he threatened us with Bikers for Trump.

There are 320,000 of these people.  Trump says he will send them to beat us up if things get out of control.  Have you seen them?? Old, out of shape, uneducated, racist members of the “Unfuckable Wannabe Vagina Controllers” club.  We need not fear them so let’s have fun with them.


Find them on Facebook or at your local motorcycle club.  If you can’t find them, a “Freedom Rider” will do just as nicely – they’re just as racist.  Call, write, message and simply ask, “Donald Trump says if he tells you to hurt me, he will.  Will you??”


Nothing like putting the unfit on the spot.  The responses out to be magical and might get a few folks in trouble.  Nothing wrong with that.


At the state level, our Governor continues to do great things on social issues and just not get it on the fiscal side.  It’s not his fault. New York, to its own detriment, has been practicing economic populism since its inception. I don’t know if the Compare Politics model is a spin off of the New York model or the other way around.  In any event, instead of being an economic superpower that can cause any rural state to comply with our socially Liberal agenda just by flexing our muscles, we instead spend most of our time getting in our own way. Amazon would have been a disaster, not a benefit.


Kindly call your local Rep. or Senator and say in a clear voice, “Yeah, I’m a Democrat, I’m on the Left too, but we got way too much government here.”  If more of our leaders heard that message, they might just practice it.


At the County Level, have you seen the kind of disgusting nonsense on the internet the David Gordon/Claudia Tenney/Angela Elefante/Jim Zecca/Joe Cerini/Jim Brock/Brett Truett crew has been engaging in with regards to the County Executive??


Yes, the Exec. is a Republican.  Yes, the Exec. has run some people at Democrats who kinda aren’t Democrats – more of that in an upcoming blog this week – but nobody deserves this kind of filth tossed at them.  I suppose if we had a viable candidate, our Chair is a Bernie supporter who doesn’t care about the recovery community so don’t count on that happening, you could enjoy it as “strategy that will benefit us”.  We don’t so we can’t.


Let’s do the obvious and easiest.  If you have actual dirt on David Gordon, I’m about to drive Mr. Brock and Mrs. Truett crazy so we can leave them alone for a little bit, please send it my way.  With my 20,000 followers, it doesn’t make sense to me either, across all social platforms, we can have some fun.


At the local level, you might have heard about the almost skirmish at the last Utica Common Council Meeting.  What you didn’t hear about was the second almost skirmish that actually preceded the known almost skirmish. Two, yes two, almost skirmishes for the price of one meeting.


Kindly show up at the next Common Council meeting.  Let people know without getting into “whose fault” it might have been that just because emotions will run high this year – what happens when you force a first cousin to run for a Council seat they’re not interested in – we need to keep our behavior to a high standard.


I think the meeting is Wednesday night.  However, as of when I’m writing this the website, which is normally fantastic, isn’t showing that.  I take off for two years and the website gets sloppy?? I doubt it – just probably one of those things.


Have a great week,


Bobby O


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