God Works in Funny Ways

The Month of Ash ends tonight as the Month of Alder starts tomorrow.  We are supposed to go from working on our inner selves to connecting with the spiritual world all around us.  Knowing who my friends in the spiritual world are, I feel comfortable once again announcing that there’s a blog schedule.  Yes, we all know what happened the last time. I think it was the Universe telling me that I had arrived too soon. Thanks to all of you, I am healed now.  Let the fun begin again.

Monday March 18th:  The kid’s mom in Covington thinks she’s going to take in half a billion.  We know this isn’t the kids idea – it’s all about the mom. Let’s roll out some new techniques and destabilize Covington.  However, before we do that, we should let someone know what we’re up to. Then they can monetize it. After all, that is the American Way.  

Tuesday March 19th:  In Alabama, they executed a man without his Imam present and then they had a tornado.  Are the two events connected?? Will the state’s stance on abortion make it worse??

Wednesday March 20th: When I go into mania, this one thought keeps arising that I somehow cannot toss away.  It is so squarely on the mania/genius borderline that I cannot bring myself just to discard it.  Most days, I err on the side of caution repeating over and over to myself “Tell me this is mania, tell me this is mania, tell me this is mania and not genius.”  This time, I think I will share it with Bishop Tobin.

Thursday March 21st:  Dusty Dwyer is refurbishing his old house on Clinton Road.  He likes to advertise over at Hamilton College. Shouldn’t the College know what its students are in for should they decide to rent from him??

Friday March 22nd:  Members of the New Hampshire Legislature did something rather disgusting.  Right wing media tried to play it off as something it wasn’t. Scott Wallace was one of the Reps involved.  Let’s have fun with his community.

Please be aware, as we discovered last time, that this is only a schedule and real events can happen.  However, I’m trying to get back to the old days where more Blogs appeared and not less.


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