Minor Life Changes

26 September 2018

Congressman Kevin McCarthy

Office of the House Majority Leader

2421 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Mr. Majority Leader:

I hope this message finds you well.  You were selected to receive it because you are the Republican member of Congress who spends the most time outside in and around the DC and Northern Virginia areas.  That is not to say you are “on the scene” the most and/or party or drink the most.  That title belongs to somebody else.  It is to say from pizza parties to bike rides, you are the member who most enjoys interacting with people, places, and things that are not work related.


As you aware at current, the Senate is laboring through, unnecessarily, a Supreme Court Seat nominating process.  I say unnecessarily because had the National Archives released 100% of the available Kavanaugh documents, instead of the 7% they did release, he already would have been disqualified.  Today, I am writing the National Archives in order to address that issue.


In that letter, I am going to mention some possible changes to Washington D.C. social structure that you might find disconcerting.  Before I did that, since every empirical study says you would be the member of Congress most affected, I wanted to share where I think we are headed.


It should be noted that these suggested changes are not a result of just political differences.  For instance, the other day you took to the Floor to express support for ICE while I wait for the day where I can go run around with an ICE roster and visit members of ICE at their homes so I can give them feedback on how the agency is doing.


As you will discover in my letter to the National Archives, the differences are much dire than pure politics.  Since “schedules” are all the rage today, I want you to take a look at yours.  No, I am not here to violate your privacy.  I want you to look at the events you have planned for the next two weeks or so.  From what I have been told, your list should be somewhat varied and exciting.  Most Americans would greatly benefit from your dedication to outside of work healthy activities.  In this regard, you set an excellent example we all should try and follow.


Now for a moment, consider that schedule another way.  Remember what happened to Senator Cruz the other night??  Imagine as you look at your schedule for the next two weeks that just once, I explain in the letter to the National Archives Chief why once is all you need – it has something to do with what my grandmother used to say about cats and water, you get “Horded up”.  There you are on your bike, buying a newspaper, taking a picture with a tourist, or buying your popcorn and a crowd magically appears.  This crowd is chanting.  They are not going to break the law in any way, but you find it necessary to leave where you are.


How many times does that have to happen before you begin to wonder when you put something on your schedule if that “will be the one”??  On the other hand, in the next few days, I will be buying a bed.  No one will meet me at the furniture store.  My furniture salesperson may or not find out that I am also a salesperson, as in lifetime commission salesperson, but no politics are going to come up.  If I decide to buy a new mattress at the Macy’s in the Sangertown Mall, no crowd is going to ride on the escalator behind me chanting “Rurals before Illegals, Rurals before Illegals.”  My experience will be as peaceful as it always is.


In all likelihood, since none of you are willing to stand up to the unfortunate we have as President right now, you are going to lose control of the House.  You will be in the minority again.  I know it’s been a while but I’m sure you remember what that’s like.  Imagine what a pain it will be just to pack up your Office not because of anything you did but instead due to the fact that you could not react when someone else was embarrassing our nation.


Now throw on top of that the specter of living in an area which has chosen to be less than friendly in order to make a continuing point about the Senate??  Is it really worth continuing to serve so far from home if that is the environment you are about to face??


Yes, the Founders created a system where a reasonable minority could rule and maintain control.  For many Americans, as exemplified by what we see in the Kavanaugh nominating process, that ship sailed out of port long ago.  As a member of the Party in charge, you can choose to change course or choose to be bothered the next time the car gets detailed.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



Robert T. Oliveira

Clark Mills, NY  13321



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