Auntie Might Not Approve

Yes, you love the written word.  However, you also love video.  By 2020, 75% of all traffic like this will be video if it isn’t already.  Not telling you I’m good at it.  I am telling you I’m willing to try to communicate in the way the audience prefers.


Quick note before we get started: Since I went to get help a year ago, the meds put on a lot of weight.  It was impossible to run for a long time.  I walked forever instead.  Even now, I’m only running 1.5 miles of the 4 miles I try to get in 5 days a week.  You’ve been patient with my mental health, I hope you can be patient with me here as well as the transformation to what I used to be happens.


At almost 52, can I really get back to what I was in my 20’s??  Physically, probably not.  However, with the new understanding of my disease and continued sobriety, 16 years this coming Sunday, I actually feel better than I did back then.


If you have any questions about the video, just let me know:


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