Shady’s Back – Tell A Friend

Happy Birthday Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.  He was famous in 1486.  Two years since I have written one of these and I choose his birthday to write it on.  The schedule also appears just before Mabon, i.e. the tourist season is over.  Of course, you don’t really expect balance do you??


Monday September 17th: Brett Truett thinks he’s a power broker.  First Source Credit Union thinks he’s just another customer.  I hate to point out that they’re both wrong, but sometimes that happens.

Bonus: Video.  Yes, I said Video.  Look, a suicide attempt, take a year off, come back, you have to do something new.  Will it be a great video??  Of course not but it gives everyone something new to have fun with.

Over on LiveZombieLandlord:  Let’s face, a lot of you don’t even know LiveZombieLandlord even exists.  Someone threatened me and a friend of mine.  He is currently pursuing other contracts so folks really should know.

Tuesday September 18th: Not only does Joe Cerini like to hang out with white nationalists, not only does he violate campaign finance law, but he may have violated IRS related statutes.  When in doubt, blame Brett Truett.

Wednesday September 19th: This is a LiveZombieLandlord crossover.  Claudia Tenney doesn’t just love putting her signs on public property, she takes locations from real questionable types.  Remember that threat blog from up above??  It plays here too.

Thursday September 20th: Brett Kavanaugh may have raped somebody.  It must be close to real since Chuck Grassley talked to 65 women just in case.  Even if it’s true, the GOP won’t care.  However, if we mess with the National Archives, they might.  This could get me arrested but that just makes it more fun.

Friday September 21st: Is it me or does Senator Rand Paul seem to be owned by the Russians??  We might as well get him on the record.

Over on ArtonUtica: Yes, we are starting this year’s program later.  It’s important to discuss why that decision was made and who we are trying to attract.

Over on TouristReadyUtica:  When celebrities do things, are others influenced??  Does this include negative things??  We are going to find out if this is true at the local level.






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