You’re Too Nice For A List

30 August 2018

Purchaser Erica Fardette

Simple Tech Innovations

687 Lee Rd Suite 102

Rochester, NY 14606


Dear Ms. Fardette:

I hope this message finds you well.  You were chosen to receive it based on where you work, your work profile, and what some of your customers have said.  I wanted to reach out to someone cordial and normal for once.


As I am sure you are aware, your boss Andrew Hollister is running for Lieutenant Governor.  His boss, Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe, has done some of offensive things.  One of those offensive things caused those offended to draw up a “targets” list.  Your firm was on the list then quickly removed.  There are lessons in all of that.


Why did your firm get listed in the first place??  Here in Utica, due to the opioid epidemic combined with a need for enhanced psychiatric and emergency services, we are trying to move our hospital downtown.  The other sites that were considered are too expensive, have remediation issues, or are logistically impossible to work with.  A small group of businesses, all connected to fringe right organizations, are opposed to the idea.  Larry Sharpe has decided to align with them against us.


In politics, if you do not stand your ground on important issues, people take you for granted.  Yes, there are some issues where you can shake hands and say, “That’s all right if we disagree on this one, we can still be friends.”  There are often intense issues where you might let it go for “the sake of the neighborhood.”  Larry Sharpe has no connection to here and sided against us on an important issue.


In response, the “target” list was developed.  Your firm was taken off the list due to your hard work and excellence in your field.  Crushing firms is fun, but crushing small firms when they actually provide quality service is distasteful and not exactly sporting.  Sometimes you don’t go after the firm but instead go after the clients.  By the testimonials listed, your clients sound like every day working people.  Imagine seeing the blue screen of death on your laptop in the morning and then finding out some “operative” is messing with your zoning request to build a shed in your backyard later that same day.  Again, that is not exactly sporting.


So it looks like your firm has escaped on the hospital.  However, there are a number of offensive stances and positions Mr. Sharpe is taking that could get your firm targeted over and over again.  One of the these days, you might run into someone a tad overly intense, maybe via mental illness, or you could run into a group looking to make a name for themselves.  They will not take you off their list and then ruckus will ensue.


Before we talk about the areas where Mr. Sharpe could bring unwanted attention to you, we have to discuss something.  At no point is it my intent to get Mr. Hollister to “quit the race”.  Instead, I am hoping you can bring these things to Mr. Hollister.  Hopefully he in turn will bring them to Mr. Sharpe.  That way, Mr. Sharpe will not make as many enemies.  Because he subscribes to Libertarian philosophy, which is offensive by definition, he is always going to have a few.


Have you heard of Mr. Bannon and Mr. Mercer??  They fund extremist right wing causes that are always racist in nature because they are both Nazis.  They are proud Nazis in that they do not shrink from any white nationalist title.  They were the two people that founded Reclaim NY.  Reclaim tries to brand itself as being against “over spending” but in reality it is just another white nationalist organization.  Remember I mentioned that the businesses against the hospital are aligned with alt right organizations??  Some of them have Reclaim signs on their buildings.


Picture Mr. Sharpe sitting next to some hood wearing KKK members while they all joke and engage in “planning”.  Mr. Sharpe meeting with Reclaim is the 2018 version of that.  However, this is not a one off.  Mr. Sharpe cannot properly identify our President as a racist.  When an African American candidate for Governor in Florida had a “monkey” reference thrown at him yesterday, Mr. Sharpe was silent.  Mr. Sharpe regularly derives support from those who post Pepe the Frog memes, spread QANON conspiracy theories, and deny the existence of white privilege.  Many in the African American community refer to Mr. Sharpe as “Uncle Larry”.  That did not happen by accident.


It is not just race where Mr. Sharpe makes people uncomfortable.  He is a gun fetishist.  We just had another mass shooting the other day.  What did Mr. Sharpe say??  Nothing.  When a crazed Trump supporter shot people at a newspaper, what did Mr. Sharpe say??  Nothing.  When the unhinged Secretary of Education suggested taking money originally intended for books be spent on guns instead, what did Mr. Sharpe say??  Nothing.  These positions, since we both know there will be multiple mass shootings before the election, are going to derive intense opposition.  That opposition could get you targeted.  Having a conversation with Mr. Hollister about the issue is probably in your best interests.


Mr. Sharpe also has a horrible record on women’s rights.  Imagine if one of your friends were to be sexually assaulted.  Mr. Sharpe does not think money should be available for STD screenings, even though STD’s are currently setting a world record pace, or that an abortion should be available.  He does not believe in equal pay for women.  By the way, is Mr. Hollister offering you equal pay now??


When you ask the Sharpe Campaign about Mr. Sharpe’s stance on women’s issues, they give you a strange “we’re on all sides of the issue” answer.  You and I both know that in an election season strange things happen.  Some story in the next 3 months is bound to arise regarding women’s rights.  Mr. Sharpe will offer some amateur hour clumsy answer.  A large number of women, and men like me, are bound to be offended.  Your firm makes somebody’s target list yet again.


You do a good job.  Your customers like you.  I bet you’re a company favorite.  You could do your future a world of good of you went and talked to Mr. Hollister about the liability Mr. Sharpe endears to your firm on a daily basis without care.  I am sorry to drop all this on you on a beautiful August afternoon however, somebody messed with my hospital.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




Robert T. Oliveira

Clark Mills, NY  13321



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