A Note I Just Sent To The Hospital

Dear Ms. Altdoeffer,
The other day, I was making sure my debts are paid.  For both sobriety and successfully living with Bipolar disease, this is an important task.  You might remember that last September, I was a guest of your organization as the result of a suicide attempt, what happened to Ms. Spade and Mr. Bourdain this week means I have to own up to it, and the redialing of my Bipolar meds.
I realized that I had never received a “copay bill” from the hospital.  I called my insurance carrier and they said it should be about $25.  Because there was time between appointments, I stopped by.
The info desk referred me to the Cashier’s window.  That’s where I met Carrie.  She was awesome.  She also called the business office on my behalf asking if I owed anything.  Turned out I didn’t.
Bipolar disease is funny because it can cause you to make lots of money and then spend it for apparently no reason.  Back in the 90’s, I was making $2000 a week and living in a rundown apartment because between my crack and alcohol addictions, along with my bipolar adventures, I was spending $2800 a week.  I took up dealing crack to make up the difference.
Please send along this note to Carrie’s supervisor so she is recognized appropriately.
Have an outstanding day
Bobby Oliveira

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