We Can Do Better

10 November 2017

Chairman Bill Thickstun

Oneida County Democratic Committee

76 Utica Street

Clinton, NY  13323

Dear Chairman Thickstun:

Election Day certainly was not as bad as it could have been.  At the County Legislature level, it appears that we have picked up 1 seat.  However, compared to other communities throughout the country, it was a wasted opportunity.


I have been writing about these issues for over four and a half years now.  In each of three election cycles, the concepts I endorse have proven out at the macro level.  I guess I must be wasting my time but I am going to try again anyway.


In most areas of the country, more voter turnout is good for Democrats and bad for Republicans.  In the Compare Politics Model, all voter turnout is scary to incumbents.  My opponent intentionally muddied the race so purposely that voter turnout was at the 3% level.  Because the sins she committed have offended so many at the national level, her status will be addressed at a later time.


I would expect the local paper to receive a call for her resignation from someone outside the area during the 3rd week of January or so.  I am guessing that every week will be another one.  Beyond turnout and open aggression, the other thing the Compare Politics Model fears is embarrassment.  Plenty shall be provided.


In the now, we must deal with how we get the Compare Politics model to meet 2017.  Why is this important??


Democratic Voter Turnout was at surge level in other parts of the country.  This was not true in Oneida County.  In other parts of the country, the 15.9% rule held, i.e. take the previous result from two years ago and shift 15.9% to the Democratic side if they lost, but not in Oneida County.  In other parts of the country, the mentally unfit bigot who currently serves as our President was used to brand the Republican Party as something much more comfortable with the dark ages.  This did not happen in Oneida County.


Worst of all, in other parts of the country and at all levels of the ballot, Democrats were organized and connected around a similar message.  This did not happen in Oneida County and specifically in Utica.


It can be argued that Jack LoMedico lost his Common Council seat for two reasons.  First, he voted for an asphalt plant that cost him around 200 votes, as compared to last time, in Ward 6.  Secondly, there has been some infighting between some members of the Common Council and the Mayor which ended up costing Jack LoMedico 80 votes in Ward 4.  Had we agreed to a county wide tourism plan, which would have ruled out the asphalt plant, and a country wide stand on term limits in step with our national Party goals, both of these things could have been avoided.


Please understand that I am not asking you to encourage members to “fight” with the Republicans.  Quite frankly, after the Frank Tallarino thing and the Harmony Speciale thing, and the coming thing in January, I have better relationships with some Republicans than Democrats.  I am also not asking you to make the Party Progressive since that features economic policies that are not much different than the current populism we watch fail on a daily basis.


I am asking you to accept that the sales tax is too high.  Rather than “fight” about it, I am asking you to make a case to the people as to why it is too high and why fiscal conservatism, without engaging in trickle down policies that do not work any longer, would create more wealth and jobs.  I am asking you to remind our candidates that any socially conservative stance can make it hard for us to take advantage of the fact that Donald Trump resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  It is almost unconscionable that Muslim Ban after Muslim Ban has been introduced and our members of the County Legislature are quiet.


For all intents and purposes, we have two choices.  We can do things as we have always done them and watch opportunity after opportunity slip by.  Or we can rebuild from the ground up based on modern principles.  We can take the lead and invite those who engage the Compare Politics Model to find places where common thinking is held, for whatever reason, to become socially Liberal for purposes of survival.  This whole “well, it’s the way it’s been done since World War II and the results are as close to as important to how we look obtaining the results, God forbid anyone has an open beef” style is just out of synch with the realities of 2017.


Thank You for your time and consideration.


Robert T. Oliveira



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