Unintended Consequences

Here we go with another version of “The #NoHospitalDowntown crowd is not what it says it is . . . ”

Since Brett Truett has nothing else to do, he has turned his building into a Billboard.  As long as you’re from the fringe right and promise to help the No Downtown cause, he will put up your sign.  This is what he does when he is not inviting people to violate campaign finance law.

The #NoHospitalDowntown crowd will tell you that Brett and Mr. Brock just happen to be rich guys who agree with them.  They will tell you this is a grassroots effort.

If that were true, then why is the Reclaim New York sign in the window.  Funny, the Reclaim people are much better than the despicable things they sometimes stand for.  Anyone who is not a member but advertises them got there via the creepy agenda.

Reclaim tells you it is against corruption.  That is laudable and they are.  However, they are also against a lot of other things like Italian people and women choosing what’s right for their bodies.  Italians are all corrupt and Roe v. Wade is a mistake.  They will try to deny this but name the Italian they have supported at the state level.  Also think if you can name a Reclaim person who is pro-Choice.

One of the things Reclaim wants is that nasty Constitutional Convention.  As a rule, the smaller the election turnout, the more socially conservative the election result.  Two months ago, I participated in a deal that saw 3% turnout.  What will the turnout be for an off off off election day for people who want to participate in this??

The result will be moneyed interests buying up the people who go.  Some of those interests will be from the extreme right trying to hurt unions, gays, and of course, women.  Reclaim will tell you the Convention is all about anti-corruption measures – that won’t work.  What it will become is an attempt to turn the clock back where the government stands between a woman and her doctor.

You don’t believe in that.  I don’t believe in that.  Know who does??  Donald Trump.  He can pay for multiple sets of abortions, one which may have involved someone under age if you believe a court case winding its way through but your wife, mom, girlfriend, daughter, aunt, sister is not intelligent enough to make that choice.  Who do all the #NoHospitalDowntown types support in spite of his luxurious 38 approval rating??  Donald Trump.  They also support Claudia Tenney who has voted to take both your health care away and to restrict reproductive choice in other countries.

There’s that old saying in relationships – when someone shows you who they really are, believe them.  The #NoHospitalDowntown crowd has been trying to tell us for a long time now.  We should listen and reject them.


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