I’m at a total loss – and the numbers make it weirder. What should I do??

1995 – Totally Drunk and High – Fall River, MA City Council  2301 votes

2000 – Totally Drunk and High – Tiverton, RI State Representative 1304 votes

2004 – No longer drunk or high but still very bi-polar and mentally ill – Newport, RI School Committee 3673 votes

2006 – Incredibly mentally ill – Newport, RI City Council 1541 votes

2008 – Over the top mentally ill – Newport, RI School Committee 2093 votes

Congressional race 2016 – sober and treated – worth about 14 points

Art on Utica 2016 – sober and treated – 93 sponsorships, over $2000 raised

This week – Campaign video – >100 views

Today – website – over 110 hits

Tonight – election – sober and treated 16 votes??  How is that even possible??  I’ve done 24 hours of door to door in the last 3 days.  Each hour was worth less than 1 vote??  When did that happen??

If I told you last Friday that my opponent would only get 48 votes, more than 50 less than last time, and I would pick up none of them, you would say??

I have 6 choices and my loyal readers have never let me down so help me out:

A. ) Just go scorched earth on everybody.  The politics suck.  Most Democrats aren’t real Democrats.  Just continually lob bombs for fun and games.

B.) Payback’s a bitch.  She called me unfit because I am Bi-polar.  Her associates falsely announced I relapsed online.  There were many other crummy things too numerous to mention.  Ok, I can’t serve but she shouldn’t as well.  Put her on the Tallarino, Speciale, Purcell Construction, Asphalt Plant list.

C.) It’s only 30 votes and there are 6 weeks.  It would mean going negative and raising cash but again, at only 30 votes why not??  Stay in the race as a write-in candidate figuring that if anybody shows up in the Final, there aren’t a lot of votes out there for her to get.

D.) One of the biggest unkept secrets out there is I am considering launching a tourism consulting business.  I could concentrate on that and the attempt to build a recovery center and just let the rest go.

E.) Just give in.  Find a beach community.  Walk into my local social security office and call it a day.  Disability payments, section 8, and food stamps.  No worries, lots of video games.  Never build that 4th fortune I so much want to chase (drank and snorted the first 2, the crash took the third) but not everybody gets to have the number of adventures I got to have.  This guarantees I will die sober and bored.

F.) Sell into the struggling artist model.  Stay poor forever but maybe write that one great book no one will realize is great until I’m dead.  Lots of people who share my diseases and addictions end up this way.

Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “I’m at a total loss – and the numbers make it weirder. What should I do??

  1. I say a mix of A, E and “G” (I make that up). How are you surprised? It’s Utica. Even in a mayoral year, and with a sitting councilman and 80-year incumbent in 2015, she won with less than 100 votes. This city is dead politically. The way to win a primary in these districts is to literally throw all conventional wisdom out the window and just go around on primary day and drive 50 bums to the polls. For someone with time, it’s that simple. Quite sad. This is why Utica is losing all power and clout. The only way a Utican wins a seat higher than Mayor, is if the powers that be make sure they’re the only choice. They can’t win in a competitive race. Look at Arcuri, Hanna, Brindisi if he had a real opponent and our County Executive, DA, Clerk, Senator, Sheriff, Congress, etc.

    The Old Guard politicians ruined Utica so much that it’s now biting them in the behind. They can’t count on the region’s largest city as a base to win county or other races. Rob Bauer is a nice guy. But let’s face it, he was a nobody and not a dynamic candidate. Arcuri was the youngest ever to be elected DA, served two terms in Congress and had Utica on lockdown, yet he was easily defeated by Bauer. This is because the same amount of votes come out of Utica as they do in Rome (half the population), New Hartford (a third of the population) and Whitestown (a thrid of the population). It’s basic statistics. They don’t need Utica to win. Just like Cuomo doesn’t need Upstate. And it even acts as a detriment. People outside of Utica, even on the border suburbs, hate Utica and its politicians so much that they vote in droves against them. So taking 70% of Utica’s measly turnout is easily offset by the two largest towns. Then, if it’s a Republican, the rural areas will vote overwhelmingly for whoever the GOP candidate is. There you go. Election over. Utica is over.

    So, my humble opinion is: keep hammering away at the fake Utica politicians because you like it. Nothing wrong with that. E. would be fine because who gives a damn. You qualify, so get what is yours and make sure you can live. Then G. would be get a part-time or full-time little job to stay busy and just live a normal life. There’s life outside politics. Frank Meola nearly beat Marino. Come on. Utica will NEVER change. They like it this way and will have to deal with it. But most normal people could careless about their little game. As you can see by the turnout. People are done with Utica politics. Maybe someday a genuine candidate will turn up at the right time and be successful. But don’t hold your breath. They would find a way to tear that person down too and attack them.

    This is why, and I know you don’t like her, but Claudia will win again. Brindisi is Utica. It’s his base. But that doesn’t even come close to enough to win a congressional race. Ask Arcuri.

    Good luck, Bobby. And good for you just putting your name out there.


  2. I would choose D. You must look out for yourself first then you can look out for others. I think your area can you a tourism business and with your experience it seems a natural. Good luck


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