Weather Delay And Common Cents

Iffy weather caused us to postpone the video shoot today.  It’s setup for later over the weekend.  Therefore, you should go enjoy your holiday weekend and you can check back on Tuesday.


However, I know some of you would just like to see anything on video.  I taped the Common Cents show with Frank Vescera this morning.  We spent most of the show debating about the Downtown Hospital.


It is interesting to see what happens when someone comes to the realization, even if they find it manipulative, that it really is the Downtown site or nowhere.  This should help to quell that St. Luke’s silliness.  Even if St. Luke’s were a possibility, the $1.3 million/per bed price tag should have quelled the St. Luke’s silliness long ago.


Sometimes I wonder how No Hospital types can keep telling the same lies over and over and over again.  Then I remember that they’re mostly Trump and Tenney supporters.  Then the whole thing makes sense.


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