Video Announcement And A Request

I will be taking a couple of days off to write, plan, and rehearse a campaign video that will be shot on Thursday.  Usually, I engage in improv but I think the voters of the 22nd District deserve better than that.  The 5 minute video will touch quickly on a number of topics all tied together here in the 22nd Legislative District.


Here’s my request:  As you know, I jog down Rutger Street most days.  There’s a Roseanne Convertino sign on Mr. Cozzia’s property.  The sign keeps changing locations so that makes me think someone is playing with it.


If you are on my team or even just a supporter or mine please do not do that.  We do not behave that way.  Yes, I know about every nasty thing Ms. Convertino and her supporters have done including “inventing” a fake Facebook profile to announce I had relapsed.


We do not practice the Compare Politics Model and are not like them so I don’t care what she does.  We put out a message, like I will do early on Thursday, and then we rally behind the message.  As we rally behind the message, we draw other people to the message.  That’s how we win.


If you support me, please share the video you will see on Thursday.  Then, circle September 12th on your calendar.  Please make sure you vote and bring a friend.


Great Food, Amazing Art.  Utica – Yeah, that’s us.


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