Is The Common Council President Preparing To Break The Law Again??

17 August 2017

Common Council President Michael P. Galime

Utica Department of Legislation

1 Kennedy Plaza

Utica, NY  13502

Dear Mr. Council President:

One of two things must be true.  The Downtown Hospital proposal has clearly brought out the worst in your judgement and your instincts or you are not the person you portrayed yourself to be when you appeared before the voters in 2015.  In any event, I find it necessary to write to you because you are about to break the law, again.


As you are aware, there is a complaint before the Public Integrity Bureau regarding your conduct during the alleged “illegal meeting” between the Common Council and members of the County Legislator.  It becomes clearer with each day that you tried to create a technical violation as some sort of “Hail Mary Pass” to back up your own misguided promises regarding the downtown hospital proposal.


Now it has come to my attention that it was your idea to allow the No Hospital Downtown Groups to make a presentation during a Common Council meeting.  That gets us into two problems.


No Hospital Dwtn is now a ballot line.  Members are out getting signatures.  Therefore, all connected organizations to the various efforts and the candidates are subject to campaign finance law.  Such an appearance by an established ballot or Party would constitute an in-kind contribution.  Neither the Common Council, nor the city of Utica as a whole since the Common Council Chamber belongs to the citizens, are allowed to make such an in-kind contribution.  Knowing that it is against the law, why would you even make such an offer??


The second problem is that we know No Hospital Dwtn will present the St. Luke’s campus as an alternative.  This is simply fraudulent.  It is clear in the legislation that urban renewal of some form must go on to get the funding.  Forgetting the $1.3 million per bed cost, forgetting the remediation issues, and forgetting the logistical nightmare it will to build a hospital on wetlands next to a hospital still in operation, the Senate Finance Committee wants nothing to do with this.  Were you planning to allow No Hospital Dwtn to present this fraudulent alternative without question??  How is that a service to the citizens of Utica??


Let me remind you that the 22nd District, which I hope to represent, is incredibly diverse.  Few people who live there have the money that Mr. Brock and Mr. Truett do.  Larger accounts should not lead to unequal justice.  The people of the 22nd want the hospital in the downtown location and I will do everything I can, whether I get elected or not, to do just that.


Opposing the hospital to engage in a delusional vision of the 70’s is not acceptable.  Opposing the hospital because one has an allergy to brown people, seems to be Mr. Brock’s affliction, is not acceptable.  Opposing the hospital because the Trump Administration and Claudia Tenney failed to deliver on the promise to disrupt health care for many is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.


It is interesting to note that most of the No Hospital crowd are supporters of the mentally unfit bigot we have serving as President.  Even Senator Corker seemed to make the unfit bigot point today.  I have not heard you decry what happened in Charlottesville.  I have not heard you decry this President’s reaction to Charlottesville.  I have not heard you say that the people who live in the 22nd District, my neighbors, are of equal value to the lily white crowd you made a number of misguided promises to.


I guess we have to go over your role.  You were elected to hold on to a gavel and run meetings.  Nothing more; nothing less.  You have been involved in politics for about two years.  You do not know everything.


You are not there to dictate policy.  You are not there to impact decisions.  You are not there to discriminate against the people from my neighborhood.  You are not there to supersede the will of the Common Council.  You are not there to tank meetings.  You are not there to make the Chambers available for an illegal purpose so your chosen side gets a leg up.  Kindly learn your place.


Please do not make me write a letter like this again.  Dragging your employer into the mess and seeking a restraining order are on the table.  The people I wish to represent are not to be disrespected by some rookie.


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.



Robert T. Oliveira

763 Mary Street

Utica, NY  13501



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