MVHS Engages In Positive Change

A few months ago, I started getting emails from the #NoHospitalDown crowd referencing that the MVHS website did not have links for mental illness and addiction issues.  They immediately suggested that this fact alone made me a hypocrite for supporting the hospital location.


In turn, I reached out to hospital channels and suggested that a change was in order.  MVHS began the process in earnest shortly after my request.  Towards the end of working things out, I was invited to attend a meeting with Debra Altdoeffer, VP of Communications and Development, Jodi Kapes, ACSW LCSW-R, MVHS Director of Behavioral Health, and Caitlin McMann, MVHS Manager of Communications and Marketing.


The meeting was quite lively and covered a number of mental illness and recovery issues beyond what I am about to show you.  Those who suffer from mental illness, like me, and those in recovery, like me should be pleased with the direction MVHS is taking on these important issues.  Over the next few days, I will address more of them.


For now, I would like you to focus on Ms. Kapes’ and Ms. McCann’s work.  Again, most of this was completed prior to our meeting but it was an honor as a person suffering from Bi-Polar 1, OCD, and NPD to attend as much as it was to be an Alcoholic/Addict to be giving input.


Please visit the new Mental Health link:

http: //


Then kindly head over to your favorite social media platform and send along a thank you to Ms. McCann and Ms. Kapes.  They did excellent work.


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